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Increase collaboration, earn more and better feedback, and attract your next top performer with ease.


Creating a cohesive team is like tuning a magnet to attract only the right behaviours. We understand the challenge. It's why we created Uncommon Norms™. This revolutionary tool highlights the positives that propel your team forward, and identifies the unhealthy habits that derail progress. It is the only way to an aligned culture that drives engagement.

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We know the power of questions when it comes to shaping team dynamics and guiding new behaviours. They spark interest, dismantle groupthink, and get the brain ready for learning. It's why our FAQs don't get buried in footnotes.


Identify and shape the right team behaviours with ease.


As organizations grow, trust issues, miscommunication, and turnover become persistent concerns. That's where Uncommon NormsTM steps in. Our proprietary method reveals both uncommon behaviours that unlock value, and common ones that create false security. Through this 'contrast of positives', leaders can realign their teams with their future vision. Whether it's handling feedback, managing chaos, or reacting under pressure, Uncommon Norms empowers you to guide even the most diverse team with a singular method. Here are some ways it has helped leaders like you:

Create Alignment With The Contrast of Positives:


Fast-growing organizations are often subject to unexplained behaviors pulling teams out of alignment with the company's desired future. Uncommon Norms was designed to remedy this. To identify the 'acceptable' behaviours that lead to poor outcomes.


This is accomplished using an innovative "contrast of positives" method to identify subtly harmful common behaviours and contrast them with more beneficial, uncommon ones. This enables precise assessment of a person's fit with the culture. It also encourages employees to adjust their behaviour to fit the company culture during times of stress. This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards shared goals, regardless of the situation.



Scale Safely With High Consequence Areas of Culture:


In a growing organization, managing performance feels like monitoring traffic on a busy highway. Everyone is moving fast, making unexpected collisions increasingly consequential. Uncommon Norms targets these key areas within your organization, focusing on the 4 High Consequence Areas of Culture: Receiving Feedback, Offering Feedback, Navigating Chaos, and Reacting to Pressure.


Like drivers slowing down in a playground zone, recognizing these areas lets your people “apply the brakes” to fit team norms where needed, without sacrificing what makes them unique. When scaled across your organization, it creates a growth system that prioritizes safety, responsiveness, and alignment. Find your 'playground zones,' and guide your team's journey with precision and care.


Bridge Remote Work Gaps With Behavioural Norms:


Managing a remote or hybrid team can feel like assembling a puzzle without a picture to guide you. Uncommon Norms provides what's missing - a set of specific norms that define teamwork, so your organization can keep its culture no matter where your people work.


'Uncommon Norms' highlights behaviors that make remote communication easier. You can use it to bridge the physical gap created by remote and hybrid work. This will restore your culture to its rightful place as your key differentiator. No matter where (or in how many places) your culture is now, Uncommon Norms will restore it to its former glory.



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How It Works:

Nothing is more valuable than aligning everyone in your organization in a shared direction - except perhaps the fact that we can make it happen in less than an hour.

1: Identify:

With the use of text-based polling software that works on any mobile phone, we guide your leadership team through a process that identifies the uncommon behaviors that will facilitate success and the common ones that will hamper it. It saves time, eliminates bias by keeping all responses confidential, and allows leaders to participate from anywhere, making it ideal for remote teams.


2: Define:

Next, we define behaviours based on the norms identified, so you know what to look for in order to keep everyone aligned. The defined behaviours pertain to situations where providing and receiving feedback, as well as responding to chaos and pressure, are essential. By paying attention to these key aspects of culture, we are able to assist you in maintaining alignment in any situation.


3: Align:

Integrating these norms into performance management, hiring, and decision-making frameworks unifies your team no matter where they are. With Uncommon Norms, you are not simply implementing rules; you are nurturing a way of thinking and behaving that will drive your entire organization toward shared success. Regardless of how centralized or distributed your company is, your vision will resonate across the entire organization.


Replace Ambiguity With Alignment.

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How It’s Used:

Uncommon NormsTM is a game-changer in our quest to reshape workplaces into hubs of emotional well-being. It can help leaders across all sectors decode hidden behavioural norms, cultivate cultures that align with their vision, and reduce hiring risks.

Elevating Leadership

‘Normal’ Training Ignores Norms.


A lot of leadership training ignores the power of norms and how they affect team dynamics. Due to this oversight, leaders aren't prepared to deal with hidden behavioural patterns that derail teams.


Join the LeadershipEQTM revolution powered by Uncommon NormsTM. Explore how identifying and harnessing your team's Common and Uncommon Norms can help you be more effective as a leader. Manage team dynamics and cultivate a culture of alignment with your shared future. [Learn More].


Culture Building:

Culture = Shared Behaviours.


Traditional culture-building techniques fall short by ignoring the subtle yet powerful influence of team norms, leaving disruptive behaviours unchallenged and engagement waning. Discover the norms shaping your culture and how they shape team behaviour.


Unleash the power of Uncommon NormsTM with CultureSmithingTM. Understand the subtle rules driving your team, align behaviours, and ignite a radical shift in engagement. [Learn More].


Hiring Solutions:

Norms Over Numbers.


Culture misalignment can lead to painful hiring mistakes. But when your decisions are based on resumes and interviews alone, how can you determine if a candidate will align with your team's behavior and shared future?


HireEQTM unlocks the transformative power of Uncommon NormsTM. It provides more than just a measure of an individual's cultural fit prior to hiring; it also takes into account their ability to adapt to your organization's norms, giving you a deeper understanding of their potential for integration and growth within your organization. [Learn More].


Maximizing Potential:


Uncommon NormsTM has the potential to make a significant impact on your leadership. Originally designed to improve emotional intelligence, redefine cultures, and improve hiring, its impact has only grown. Today it helps leaders like you solve a wide range of challenges, including:

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