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Empathy is not just our business model. It's our entire DNA.

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If you like where we've been, you'll love where we're going. You may even want to come along for the ride.


We Don't Have A Company. We Have A Calling.



We are consumed with sustainability.

Emotional Sustainability.

We see people spend the majority of their lives in service of the organizations that employ them. The triggers and stresses their jobs create follow them home and into their communities. In this way, 'industry' is not only the largest contributor to the problem of emotional sustainability, it is the only entity large enough to become the solution.

We believe, if organizations became intentional about sending the best possible version of their employees home each evening, many of the problems that affect us outside of work would become a lot more manageable.

We work to help organizations become a place of renewable emotional energy for their employees. We serve those organizations who wish to actively work to reduce their emotional footprint for the betterment of us all.


We Don't Have Values. We Have a framework for sustainability.

Our Values are not just our Values. They represent one of our flagship products.

We have studied organizations for the better part of 3 decades in an effort to find out what makes the exceptional ones exceptional. We've conducted over 20,000+ interviews with prospective job seekers to learn why they leave their organizations. The results of this work led to the creation of our Functional & Frictional ValuesTM Framework. 


Functional Values represent the non-negotiable, culturally-aligned behaviours that if lived effectively, will ensure an organization achieves its stated mission and purpose. 


Frictional Values are alternative choices, ones that are deceptively easier to make in times of stress and chaos. They are the ‘good’ things that will lead to poor outcomes. Every time your people choose these behaviours you are taken off course, leading to friction that derails progress.


It is only through the constant contrast of these two sets of values that real-time decision-making can be made possible and scaled across all levels of an organization.


So with that, we give you our values, not only as a means of telling you why and how we do what we do, but as an example of what is possible when you adopt such a framework for your organization.

(Turn each card for a description of each Values set).



We embrace the Value of Courage over the Value of Dreaming.

In embracing Courage, we receive feedback with a  spirit uncommon amongst our peers.

In resisting Dreaming, we recognize the pull of what we wish were true, yet willfully set it aside to face the work before us.


We embrace the Value of Leadership over the Value of Diplomacy.

In embracing Leadership, we lay bare our knowledge and skill in the service of other’s goals.

In resisting Diplomacy, we refuse to limit the power of feedback by worrying how others may view us when we provide it.


We embrace the Value of Expertise over the Value of Humility.

In embracing Expertise we carry the quiet confidence that only comes from the rigours of daily practice.

In resisting Humility we set aside our modesty when it stands to become an instrument in other’s failures.


We embrace the Value of Logic over the Value of Adaptability.

In embracing Logic, we meet chaos and uncertainty with reason and evidence.

In resisting Adaptability, we recognize that allowing others to alter how we serve them is the origin of future chaos and uncertainty.


We don't have Founders. We have evangelists.

Our founders gave up a successful recruitment practice to launch CultureSmith when they felt the industry they were in had lost its way. Dozens of skeptics, hundreds of debates, and thousands of hours later, they are exactly where they were always meant to be. 


We have a Future, And we'd like to invite you to be part of it.

We are servant leaders. The best test of a servant leader’s success is the number of other servant leaders they create.

Through education, coaching, recruitment and support we will help all who wish to use their talents and abilities to grow and develop others.

We wish to see empathy become more prevalent in the world we live in. Developing servant leaders within the organizations we support, and seeing these leaders take these skills home to their families and communities to do even more good, provides us with the leverage required to achieve empathy at the scale we believe possible. 

Our mission is to develop 10,000 servant leaders in the next 10 years.

If you are a leader looking to embrace this philosophy within your organization, and therefore wish to be part of this mission, we want to hear from you.



If you are a leader looking to empower other leaders to develop their teams, and think you’d be an ideal ‘CultureSmith’, we also want to hear from you.

Leaders within Accounting Firms, Marketing Agencies, Law Firms and other service-oriented industries should inquire about becoming a CultureSmith Affiliate

Not only will you receive access to the full suite of CultureSmith services for your own practice, you can earn an additional revenue stream for your business while helping your clients become everything they can be.  

Book an exploration call to see if our affiliate program is a fit for your business.


Empathy is not a trait, it is a process. As a process it can be taught to anyone. If you have the desire to learn, we have the expertise to teach.