ROI: Return On Investment., Identity.,Intention.,Influence.,Insight.,Integrity.


We believe that budgets should never be a barrier to well-being. So we put you in charge of what we charge. We'll assess your team's needs. Pay only for what you need. Bundle services and save. Take advantage of highly rewarding pre-payment options to drive fees even lower.


Book an Exploration Call. Earn the peace of mind that comes from knowing your needs are clear, our price is firm, and our availability is guaranteed.

Transparent pricing and programs that deliver make it easy for dynamic organizations like these to trust us. Care to join them?

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What You Want


Every leader we work with dreams of the same thing. A clear, common goal that drives teams. Effortless engagement and retention. People who enjoy working together, with the right mix of those ready to lead, and those keen to follow.


And they want all of this without sacrificing growth targets - nor the emotional well-being of the people striving to hit them.


How We Give It To You


CultureSprints are 30 day programs built to grow a specific capacity or solve a specific problem in a team. After assessing the highest leverage issue to solve or ability to grow, we follow established organizational psychology practices to design a custom program.


A live, expert-led kick-off ensures the same key learning for all. 30 days of push notifications send practice tasks tailored to each learner's Cognitive Colour, stacking habits.


How We Do It Better Than Anyone Else


Our work is powered by the first emotional intelligence framework made for the workplace. To build out 4-colour framework we took the most widely used psychometrics and cut out all the wasteful and confusing parts.


This simplicity allowed us to connect it to every aspect of a culture. Instead of learning a few cool things about themselves, people now learn how their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours affect everyone and everything around them.


How We Leave Nothing To Chance


Organizations that choose us seek more than educational content. They’re working to create real and enduring change in their people’s behaviour.


We deliver by packaging and pricing our work with the same innovative simplicity that built our products.


Our Packages, Our Prices, Our Promise, Our Purpose.


Our pricing and packages are intentionally designed to identify and reward behaviours that create the change you seek. Our purpose gives you the confidence we will never stop working for your team’s well-being. We back it all with the best guarantee in our industry.

A decade of building high-performance teams has taught us the power of habits. CultureSprint, our flagship program, creates habits. It's what separates us from conventional workshops. Information does not change behavior. Habits do.


A decade of creating habits has taught us to never ignore a habit-making opportunity. How one acquires and pays for services is one of those opportunities.


Resolving team issues requires trust and commitment. Both are cultivated by our delivery model. A program's length reflects the commitment required to fix an issue.


Agreeing to a longer program on the mere promise of results entails trust. Paying before work begins involves further trust. We incentivize both with discounts for bundling multiple CultureSprints and pre-paying for any services.


Our Process:


Assess Needs

Levels of psychological safety are distinguished by clear signs and symptoms. We explain each in plain language. You choose what to fix or prevent. The solutions tailored are designed to last.


Bundle Services

We explain the solutions required to fix all issues, and prevent others. Sometimes, multiple CultureSprints are needed. Bundling sprints gives you a discounted program built to suit.


Pre-Pay & Save

After identifying problems & solutions, we set clear deadlines & deliverables. We then offer early payment options, saving you money and boosting your return on investment.


No Double-Dipping

Our work boosts feedback. This often reveals more chances for teams to improve. Should you upgrade a bundle, we take the lowest rate, subtract what you've already paid, and bill the difference.

A desire for more choices indicates a lack of confidence in the choices you have. We've chosen to perfect our service over expanding the number of services you may choose from.


We do however let you choose your price. With bundling and prepayment, you're always in charge of what we charge. We apply this thinking to all our core services.

Core Services:


Organizational Alignment & Team Dynamics.

Billed Monthly
Pre-Paid (Discounted)


30 Day Program

$5,995 Flat

$5,995 Flat

One-Time Team Fee - No Per Person Charges.


What Sets CultureSprints Apart From Conventional Training:


  • Immediate Immersion: Rapid, intense engagement for quick skill internalization.

  • Sustained Momentum: Continuous 30-day learning maintains team enthusiasm.

  • Prompt Skill Application: Swift real-world application reinforces learning.

  • Quick ROI Realization: Lower outlay, immediate skill improvements, faster ROI.

  • Heightened Engagement: Intensive format ensures sustained participant commitment.

  • Focused Curriculum: Concentrated knowledge; no overwhelming content.

  • Immediate Skill Deployment: Rapid application, instant performance enhancement.

Most Popular


Bundle 3 CultureSprints

$5,250 / mth

$13,750 flat

Save $4,000+ When You Bundle & Pre-Pay.


Increase Your Impact And ROI By Adding:


  • Phased Integration: 3-month structure for effective skill acquisition and integration.

  • Iterative Feedback Loops: Multiple cycles for skill refinement through real-world application.

  • Balanced Depth and Pace: Optimal balance between depth and duration without content fatigue.

  • Cost Savings: Receive bundling discount. 

  • Sustained Behavioural Change: Balanced duration for sustained behavioral change.

  • Progressive Learning: Sequential content for deep, unrushed understanding.

  • Optimal Skill Integration: Balances short & long-term benefits offering practice in a short time.


Full-Year On-Demand Service

$4,250 / mth

$35,750 flat

Save $36,000+ When You Bundle & Pre-Pay.


Make Culture Your Unfair Advantage With:


  • Comprehensive Skill Mastery: Go deep for understanding beyond surface-level.

  • Continuous Reinforcement: Steady skill reinforcement through varied challenges over a year.

  • Flexibility: Evolves based on team dynamics, market shifts, and feedback.

  • Max ROI: Year commitment earns max bundling discount; costs halve again with pre-payment.

  • Deep-rooted Transformation: 12-months ensure assimilation of new behaviors and habits.

  • Improve Onboarding: Incorporates new hires as you scale.

  • Adaptation: Adjust pace, content, and methods based on evolving needs.

Hiring Solutions.

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually (Discounted)
Core Service


Individual Role



For Candidate Screening & Selection. Sourcing Available For Additional Fee.

One-Time Fee Per Role - Unlimited Applicants.


Unlock These Unique Advantages Over Conventional Hiring Solutions:


  • Customized Benchmarking: Tailored criteria based on culture, role, and leader preferences.

  • Bias-Free Decisioning: Objective evaluations ensure equitable and unbiased hiring.

  • Precision Interviewing: Custom questions pinpointing the best-fit candidates.

  • Predictable Costs: Flat fee structure without hidden expenses.

  • Higher Retention: Precision hiring leads to better job-role alignment and reduced turnover.

  • Informed Decisions: Comprehensive benchmarks provide deep insights for each hire.

  • Efficient Hiring: Streamlined process saves valuable leadership time.


Subscription Service

$8,995 / mth

$75,350 Flat

For Candidate Screening & Selection. Sourcing Available For Additional Fee.

Save $32,000+ When You Subscribe & Pre-Pay.


Growing Fast? Subscribe For Unlimited Access On All Hires And Enjoy:


  • Unlimited Role Assessments: Comprehensive evaluations for multiple hires throughout the year.

  • Consistent Hiring Standards: Maintained quality and criteria across all hiring decisions.

  • Flexible Subscription Model: Monthly commitment allowing dynamic response to hiring needs.

  • Cost-Effective Scaling: Subscription model reduces per-hire costs for frequent hiring.

  • Adaptable Team Growth: Seamless integration for expanding or dynamic teams.

  • Continuous Learning: Ongoing feedback refines and perfects hiring strategies.

  • Ready-to-Deploy Solutions: Instant access to tools for immediate and future hires.

Additional Services:


Candidate Sourcing

For roles $80K+. Purchase any HireEQ service. Add sourcing for 8% of the hired candidate's base pay. We handle job ads and targeted recruitment for top candidates. Standard HireEQ fees billed upfront. 8% charged upon successful hire.


Pre-Hire Assessments

Get HireEQ Pre-Hire Assessments for roles you're filling on your own. Understand an applicant's motives, habits, and fit. Each report = 1 credit. Buy 5 credits for $1,125 or 10 for $1,975. Apply unused credits to Micro-Coaching.


Executive Coaching

By Application only. 1-on-1 coaching delivered by our CEO. Monthly in person session. Get 360 Review feedback. Enjoy daily EQ check-ins. Direct calendar access to our CEO. Monthly fee: $4,995 (3-month min.). Save 50% with annual package: $29,975.


Online ‘Micro-Coaching’

Live 15-min sessions. Our expert identifies emotional hurdles and biases. Connect personally, find peace, and get a clear plan for work issues. Each session = 1 credit. Any team member can use credits. Buy 5 credits for $1,125 or 10 for $1,975. Apply unused credits to Pre-Hire Assessments.

Our Promise


All long-term solutions come with our industry leading guarantee.


We'll help you find the root causes of current issues. To solve them, you must adopt certain behaviors. We'll custom-tailorour approach to encourage those behaviours in your teams. Follow all the guidance and embrace the recommendedroutines. If you don't achieve the promised results, we'll refund your money and provide free support until you do.


Our Purpose


We back our guarantee with more than time and money. It's anchored by our core commitment to sending better versions of those we work with home every day.


A commitment our founder first envisioned when his family offered feedback on the version of him they were getting.


Frequently Asked Questions

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