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4 min read

The difference between trust and psychological safety (and what happens if you get it wrong).

Do you want a better team?

Of course you do.

Do you want the absolute best team on the planet?

Google did, and they...

3 min read

Deconstructing Growth

Odds are, if you are in a leadership role, you have an appetite for growth.

Growth of your business, growth of your...

4 min read

how to give your people the feedback they crave (even though you hate to give it)

Are your people getting enough feedback?

Well according to the research the answer is most likely no.

This research...

3 min read

How playing 'reverse jeopardy' helps eliminate micromanagement

As a leader you want performance from your people. Performance means very little however, if it is not sustainable.


5 min read

The Real Reason So Many Leaders Hire So Poorly

In a study of over 20,000 newly-hired employees it was found that over 46% of them failed (quit, were fired, or had two...

4 min read

Why Leaders & Teams Have Trust All Wrong

“It takes time to build trust.”

“Trust doesn’t happen overnight.”

“Once you lose trust, you’ll never get it back.”


4 min read

From Ambiguity to Alignment: The Role of Psychological Safety

Have you ever driven a car with an alignment problem? If you have, you possess hidden insight into why psychological...

3 min read

Leaders, Are you trying to 'change your people's height'?

Have you ever desperately wanted to change someone else’s behaviour? Were you successful? How long did the change last?

4 min read

Impression Management: The Silent Killer of Teams

“Why am I just learning about this now?”

How often have you thought this? How often have said it to a member of your...