CultureSmith Is How Leaders Stay Leaders, Is How Teams Stay Teams

Growing a business is hard. We make it simpler and more predictable. We combine organizational psychology with data-driven insights to turn companies into places people care about.

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What does culturesmith do?


It's the most common question we get. When you set out to restore empathy to the workplace, challenging decades of convention in the process, you're bound to create a few puzzled looks.


So, what does CultureSmith do? The only three things that matter:



We Build Better Leaders:


HBR states 50% of new leaders fail within their first year. MIT discovered 50% of previously successful leaders fail when leading new teams.


When we say CultureSmith is how leaders stay leaders...we really mean it.



We recruit better leaders:


Gallup states that when hiring leaders, companies fail to choose the right person for the role 82% of the time.


A leader cannot stay a leader...when you hire the wrong one.  



we build better teams:


Gallup also states that leaders account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores.


With 85% of employees registering as disengaged globally, (at a soft-cost of $18k each), leaders use us to remove that variability.

The access my team has to the knowledge base and coaching provided by CultureSmith is invaluable. At Radicle, we are tackling a global problem. Solving problems of this scale requires passionate people, equipped with the right tools to channel that passion in optimal ways. Working with CultureSmith, our teams are now able to articulate specific communication challenges, define them in real and understandable terms, and walk through solutions that can be readily implemented. Our people aren’t trained on how to be ‘less emotional’, they’re shown how to use their emotions to be part of our competitive advantage.
Saj Shapiro



what's in a name?


Culture (noun): "the values & beliefs that separate one group of people from another."


Smith (verb): "to forge or form."


Your Culture is the only truly proprietary advantage you will ever have. Ideas can be copied, contracts can be outbid, products can be made obsolete. CultureSmith is the difference between separating yourself from your peers and blending in with the masses.



In short, we solve the issues derailing your growth. 


You didn't become a leader to tread water. You want growth, and you're willing to do what it takes to achieve it.


Standing in your way is the biggest paradox of them all, your people. They can be both your greatest asset and your greatest liability, the source of both innovation and frustration, of compassion and dysfunction.


The world has changed. Leaders must now be as equally adept at managing Behaviours & Emotions as they are at managing Profit & Loss. Employees at all levels are forced to collaborate 50% more than at any point in history. The collisions this creates leads to bruised egos, hurt feelings, low engagement and high turnover.


It also leads to an unprecedented opportunity.


You see you are not alone. Your competition faces the same challenges. Their organizations are built from the same people wrestling with the same issues.


What will separate the winners from the losers in the coming decade is the ability to solve these problems at scale. To do this you need an actionable, measurable, understandable framework.


We are that framework.


Prior to working with CultureSmith, running a national company meant hopping on a plane every time there was an issue. Now, I can tell what is going on in every aspect of our business at any time. The communication and EQ growth in my team makes our culture scalable across the country. It means issues are now seen as an opportunity for growth and everyone participates in the endless pipeline of information that’s been created as a result. This would not have happened without the team at CultureSmith.
David Hilsenteger

The Academy of Management Review defines trust as, “exposing oneself to potential harm, but then not being harmed.”

We Will Earn Your Trust

We know the issues we solve can at times be daunting to discuss. We know that talking about them can feel like you are "exposing yourself to potential harm".

Here’s the thing, we not only understand trust as a concept, we fix it as a profession. Book your free consult now. Know that we would never ask you to trust us if we thought for one second we would be at risk of losing it.