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Is your company built to survive the collaboration economy?


8 out of 10 executives believe their current business model is at risk of being disrupted, making innovation a must. (McKinsey Global Innovation Survey)


Of the 30,000 innovations attempted each year, 95% end in failure. (Harvard Business Review)


Of the 5% of innovators who succeed, the common denominator among them is a TACTICAL level of collaboration in their teams. (BSG Innovation Survey)

In fact as Harvard professor Amy Edmondson states:

"Today's employees, at all levels, spend 50% more time collaborating than they did 20 years ago...Nearly everything we value in the modern economy is the result of decisions and actions that are interdependent and therefore benefit from effective teamwork". - The Fearless Organization


Despite the clear need, collaboration remains elusive in most organizations. You're among them if you're experiencing:









are you allowing your people to be your competitive advantage?

We consistently turn collaboration into profit by helping organizations increase feedback, shorten decision-making cycles, and lower the costs associated with employee engagement.


A new framework for organizational effectiveness

Many leaders confuse culture with climate. Your culture is the set of values and beliefs that separate your company from everyone else. Your climate is the atmosphere you create on a day-to-day basis and is a product of your Performance Standards (do your people know what to do?) and Psychological Safety (are they afraid to ask if they don't?).  



The problem is:


Less than 50% of employees are fully aware of what's expected of them at work. (Gallup)


Only 3 in 10 employees feel they can openly express their opinions at work. (Gallup)


Take the 30% of employees who feel they can provide feedback and multiply it against the 50% who know what's expected of them and you are left with only 15% who can profess to have a Magic Climate.

We serve the other 85% and we do it by helping you:


1) Align On Values:

Psychological Safety is not the absence of conflict but rather the agreed upon rules by which you have it. These rules go by another word...values.

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2) Grow Emotional Intelligence:

Even the safest environment can feel unsafe to someone who lacks the ability to regulate their emotions. Full Psychological Safety can only be achieved when a team has Emotional Intelligence.

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3) Embody Servant Leadership:

Performance Standards represent the needs of the organization. Servant Leadership ensures you are meeting your people's needs so that they can in turn meet the organization's.

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4) Hire Like A Pro:

Maintaining the Safety and Standards you've created becomes a challenge when you start adding new people to the mix.

We've conducted over 20,000 interviews to understand why people disengage from their workplace. We've then applied validated principles of organizational psychology to that data, resulting in HireEQTM, the most most comprehensive (and cost effective) hiring service you’ve ever seen.

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running a business will never be easy. it can however, be made simple.

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