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What do the 20% of companies that survive a decade or longer have that the other 80% don't? A better product? Deeper pockets?




They have the ability to turn Discomfort into Growth.


Most of the 80% fail with the best of intentions. When their people struggle, they dial back expectations to lessen their strain. While this may create a 'nice place to work', it inspires some to Gamble with their commitments and others to simply Atrophy.


Growth is a product of maximum Safety and minimum Comfort. We manufacturing that Safety, eliminating your people's Avoidance and accelerating your Growth.





Prior to working with CultureSmith, running a national company meant hopping on a plane every time there was an issue. Now, I can tell what is going on in every aspect of our business at any time. The communication and EQ growth in my team makes our culture scalable across the country. It means issues are now seen as an opportunity for growth and everyone participates in the endless pipeline of information that’s been created as a result. This would not have happened without the team at CultureSmith.
David Hilsenteger

Safety: by design

Safety happens when people believe they will not be punished or humiliated for their ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes. These environments to not happen accidentally. We consciously create them, navigating you through four evidence-based stages:



Align On Values:


Safety does not remove workplace conflict, it allows it to happen constructively. Values define the rules of engagement by which it happens, and the highest performing teams share an unquestioned level of values-alignment. 


(Learn why your current values were most likely determined in a way that doesn't allow for healthy conflict.)

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Grow EQ:


Even the safest environment can feel unsafe to someone who lacks the ability to understand and regulate their emotions. Full safety can only be achieved when a team has emotional intelligence.


(Learn how our specialized focus on EQ lead to the development of tools that eliminate labels, excuses and finger-pointing.) 

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Reframe Leadership:


People who are hurt, hurt other people. Conventional leadership practices erode safety by placing arbitrary metrics and timelines on people, increasing their stress and the potential to take that stress out on others. The sole role of a leader must be to ensure the needs of their followers are met so that the healthiest and happiest versions of those people are available to meet the needs of the organization.


(Learn how we can teach anyone how to become this type of leader.)

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Hire 'On Purpose':


The reason you hire is to fill a vacancy. The purpose of hiring must be to protect the safety of those you already employ. Hiring on purpose requires considering the downstream effects a new person may have on your team, not just their ability to do the job in question.


(Learn how 20,000+ candidate interviews and a healthy dose of organizational psychology led to the development of our hiring model.)


A scalable, sustainable framework for growth

Organizations routinely extract energy from their people. While goals are hit, the cost is burnout, conflict and turnover. Disrupting this requires a new approach.


A flywheel stores energy as it spins. The larger it is, the less friction it faces, and the faster it spins, the more energy is stored to be used later.


Your Organization has needs. Those needs are met by Individuals. This creates individual needs which are met by Leadership. EQ allows individuals to operate faster as they’re no longer derailed by emotion. Leadership removes friction by serving the needs of individuals. This promotes Safety which creates engagement, allowing your organization to grow.


The process is both cyclical and renewable. Your company now becomes a place people go to have their energy restored, not depleted.




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The psychological definition of trust is, “exposing oneself to potential harm, but then not being harmed.”

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