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With the rise of remote work and the knowledge economy now demanding creativity and collaboration, emotion's role in the creation of enterprise value has never been more evident. Traditional approaches to work seek to minimize and repress emotion, placing organizations' competitive advantage at risk.


Our tailored culture-building, training, hiring, and coaching solutions help leaders of high-impact businesses understand the critical importance of emotional intelligence and equip them with the skills to lead confidently in today's complex environment.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Why You Need Us




Leaders face a harsh reality. If they fail to unlock the emotions of their employees, they risk losing their competitive edge.


Emotions have long been denied in the workplace, but in today's rapidly changing business landscape, they are more critical than ever. We help you tap into the emotional energy of your employees. You get what you need. They get to feel needed.




The rise of the knowledge-based economy has disrupted the status quo. The old economy was built on suppressing emotions in the name of efficiency. In the modern economy, leaders must embrace and optimize emotion in the name of innovation.


Today, everyone has access to the same knowledge. Companies that flourish build teams with the empathy to see solutions in the data no one else can.




Those that still have ‘teams’ that is. Decades of outdated organizational practices have strained teamwork and collaboration, the very elements that now distinguish market winners from losers.


Forced rankings, top-down leadership, and rewards for individual achievement have sparked a collapse in our willingness to trust and be accountable to each other. Teams must be restored. People need to be reminded how amazing it can feel to be counted on.




Evolutionary biology played a critical role in this. The brain has been wired for millions of years to use emotion as a trigger, automating our response to threats. The biggest challenge leaders face is that the workplace is a maze of social threats people navigate with brains designed to survive physical emergencies. 


With our system, you won’t fight the brain's need for safety. You’ll leverage it. By proving the greatest source of safety ever, is belonging to a team.




Hiring is broken, escalating the problem. Screening for technical over soft skills has taken its toll. According to Harvard Business Review, traditional hiring practices no longer lead to reliable hiring decisions in today’s economy.


A report by the Society for Human Resource Management directly linked these methods to 80% of ALL turnover. Problems this large offer enormous opportunity. Correct them and you achieve results that would take years using other approaches.


If it sometimes feels like you're trapped in a cycle of unrealistic market pressures, while fighting against millions of years of evolution, compounded by decades of flawed organizational culture, with the burden outdated hiring process failing to protect you from distractions joining your team… it’s only because you are.


Which leaves you with two questions. First, if emotion is an issue in your team, do you think it will get better on its own? Second, if emotion isn’t an issue, then how'd you wind up this far down our homepage?


One call unwinds the cycle. Book yours now. 

How We Help You



Emotion is a code. We are expert emotional coders.

Our code doesn't produce software. It produces soft skills. We don't build networks. We build teams. Our process is scientific. This allows each program to be powerful on their own. Combine them all? 

That's when science becomes magic.




CultureSmithingTM is the counter-intuitive approach to aligning team behaviour.

Communication issues. Missed targets. Meetings about meetings. All are signs the conventional approach to strategic planning no longer serves you. Most assume clarity is the issue. So they create rules. Rules do not add clarity. They add consequence. 

The real villain is ambiguity. Aligned cultures repel ambiguity. They rule without rules. Learn how you can get one here.




WorkplaceEQTM is the alternative to team-building that actually builds teams. Leaders are quick to try and restore connection when tensions rise. Most team-building efforts fail. Mainly because a lack of connection isn't the problem. 


The real problem is a lack of conditioning. Tension doesn't need to be diffused. It needs to be harnessed and used for growth. Learn how we build teams' emotional muscles so that they can handle anything.




HireEQTM is the answer to recruitment fees that have grown so large that firms are becoming a last resort. Fees aren't climbing thanks to some amazing innovation that makes hiring easier. They're just based on candidate salaries, which keep increasing.


An A Player can do the job AND fit into your culture. Resumes and job descriptions can be matched to assess skills. It's impossible to measure culture that easily. Until we made it possible that is. It's said you have to pay to get the best. Is that really why you're losing out on talent? Maybe the fact recruiters spend an average of 11 seconds on a resume before ruling someone out is playing a factor? Would you have passed the 11 second test when you applied for your job?




It’s difficult to navigate with a broken compass. ExecutiveEQTM is designed to assist leaders who feel they are often operating at the mercy of their emotions.


Leaders are taught how to reverse engineer their emotions, becoming more self-aware and taking positive action for themselves, their followers, and their organizations. More than a sympathetic ear from a coach; this is a fully integrated system. It combines EQ, Jungian psychology, and neuroscience, with the aim of empowering leaders to attain emotional mastery.


Need a custom solution drawn from all of these?

Leaders approach us with problems ranging from turnover, to poor team dynamics, to struggles scaling. They leave us with increased profits, stable teams, and overall emotional well-being. Become one of them. Book your free demo.

Why We Need You



We're on a mission. To turn work into a source of emotional well-being for all people. When we say all people, we don't just mean your coworkers.


Work creates tension. Tension that when used the right way, grows emotional muscles. Emotional muscles that better equip us as parents, spouses and friends.


OUR Mandate


Emotional well-being is under threat. There were many places we could have applied our expertise to address this. We picked the workplace. Not because we see work as the problem. We see it as the only thing big enough to be the solution.


Our ask of any client is simple. Grow your business. But use our tools to take the tension that comes from that growth, to send better versions of your people home to their families. "Work gets the best of me. Family gets what's left of me." Not if we can help it.



And Now You Can Hear Us. For Weekly Insights On How Emotional Intelligence Applies To Both Leadership And Parenting - Listen to Leaderhood & Parentship - The CultureSmith Podcast. New Episodes Drop Every Tuesday.

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How to Get Started

If You’re Ready To Make Emotion Your Company’s Unfair Advantage, Here’s How To Do It In 4 Simple Steps:

Reveal Constraints


Schedule a demo. On the call, we will discuss the challenges that you hope to overcome.


Using portions of our framework, we will reveal the constraints that have prevented you from effectively addressing these issues on your own.


Remove Constraints


Next, we help you remove these constraints. You will learn your CultureSmith Cognitive Colour, the biases within it, and how those biases may be influencing your current dilemma.


Our demo calls have never failed to generate at least one 'aha moment' for the person on the other end.


Reinforce Solution


Then we reinforce the solution we recommend by showing you how each of the other Cognitive Colours will approach the issue, allowing you to prevent future problems.


We even build you a short-form version of our Cognitive Colours Assessment to share with your team so you know exactly what you're working with.


Turn Emotion Into Your Unfair Advantage


The FAQs above note that we solve many issues for free during these demos. In doing so, we make good on our mission to turn work into a source of emotional wellbeing.


We also know that once you've removed enough constraints, you'll get to the point where you'll require the assistance of an expert in order to deal with the growing pains associated with scale.


Our Guarantee


That's not the only risk-free offer we'll make you. Should we agree to work together, we guarantee our work.


We discuss your desired outcomes before any engagement. Once agreed upon, we either deliver on them, or we refund all fees.


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You've scrolled the site. Learned who we are, who we serve, and why. Now you're left with a decision. Book a demo or click away back to the status quo. 


It’s not the only decision you’ll make today. Stanford researchers discovered we make roughly 35,000 decisions each day.


Just think of the last time you drove somewhere only to forget how you got there. Now think how many decisions you made while driving. When to tap the break. When to change lanes. Figuring out a plan for dinner.


The bulk of our decisions are unconscious. Which is largely why teams fall apart. 


Think about the most recent mistake you made. Did you decide to make it? Did you sit down and map it out? Did you survey all your options so that when you made the mistake it caused maximum stress for others?


Of course not. But that does beg the question. If we don’t decide to make mistakes ourselves, then why do we react to others as if they do?


These are the types of simple problems we solve for leaders each day. Simple problems that carry massive consequences.


So while the decision in front of you is just 1 out of the 35,000 you will make today, we argue it is probably one of the biggest. So we’re going to offer one last bit of perspective to help.


1% of 35,000 is 350. If you were given agency over 350 more of your decisions tomorrow than you will have today, would your life improve? 


If you were given agency over 350 more decisions each day for the rest of your life, how much would your life improve?


If every person in your company was given agency over 350 more of their decisions each day, how much would your company improve?


Maybe one of those 350 decisions would be to show empathy in the face of another’s mistake. Maybe that would inspire others to ask a question they otherwise wouldn’t out of fear it would be seen as a mistake. What would happen if that caught on and spread?


The only way to find out is to book a demo. The only thing that should keep you from booking that demo is if after everything you’ve seen to this point, you don’t feel we can help you get 1% better. 


We can’t wait to see what you decide.