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As Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson states, “nearly everything we value in the modern economy is the result of decisions and actions that are interdependent and therefore benefit from effective teamwork”. 

The challenge is, macro-level forces, well outside your control, are impacting your team’s ability to engage at the levels needed. Just consider:

The lifespan of the average S&P 500 company will have shrunk from 68 years in 1958 to LESS THAN 5 by 2026. (Deloitte, Age of Disruption)

10,000 baby boomers are leaving the workforce DAILY between now and 2029 (The Balance Careers)

Technology now drives much of human behaviour. 70% of workers keep their smartphone within eye contact while at work. (CareerBuilder)

The convergence of these changes in the world have created three fundamental challenges for all businesses. The epicentre is the environment you must learn to navigate. This is The Engagement Economy.



The only thing more troublesome than this new economy is the conventional way companies have chosen to navigate it. 


Companies spend, on average, an additional 35% of an employee's salary on non-cash compensation (perks, benefits & vacation) in an effort to retain them. (


Despite this, 85% of employees are disengaged globally. (State of the Global workplace, Gallup)


The financial bleed created by a disengaged employee is equal to 34% of their salary. (The MacLeod Report, Engaging for Success)

So your response to the problem is to spend a 35% keep people who aren't engaged...which will cost you an additional 34% premium if they stay? 


Companies routinely fail at fostering engagement because they attempt to buy it in the form of salary, perks and benefits and then expect engagement to improve. Engagement cannot be bought, but it can be taught. You just need the right system.




Engagement at the speed of emotional Intelligence.

Engagement is the emotional connection an employee has with their company’s goals & objectives. In short, engaged employees stay for what they give, disengaged stay for what they get.

The conventional response to poor engagement is for the company to give which inadvertently turns the employee into someone who gets.

If you want to meaningfully grow engagement you need to grow your employee's emotional connection to your organization and the only way to do that is to help them grow their emotional intelligence.


Enter: the workplace emotional intelligence system.

Emotional Intelligence is comprised of one's level of Self-Awareness (do they know their triggers) and their ability to Self-Regulate (do they control their triggers or do their triggers control them?).

Ours is the only Emotional Intelligence platform that allows you to understand 'self' at 'scale'.




Using behavioural assessments to understand your team is not a new idea. Incorporating the laws of neuroscience in the creation of that assessment is. A 48 page report on your tendencies is interesting. It’s also nearly impossible to apply in real situations.


Our simplified behavioural system not only drastically increases comprehension of the biases, motivators and triggers found in all people, it was specifically designed to conserve the cognitive resources required to apply that knowledge.




Conventional assessments often prevent emotional intelligence instead of fostering it. The second someone’s profile is known a ‘labelling effect’ occurs. People are now judged based on their behavioural profile, not understood because of it.


To combat this, we developed the concept of ‘Game’; the measurement one’s emotional Capacity and their Consciousness of it in the moment. Those in ‘A Game’ can transcend their behavioural profile and adopt the traits of any other profile, as they have the Capacity to be whatever is needed and the Consciousness to know a change is needed.


We teach each member of your team how to master their Game, unlocking the ability to Self-Regulate. Our training creates empathy & respect as opposed to the judgement & mistrust that emerges with purely assessment-centric programs.





Your ‘Game’ is most impacted by the ‘Players’ you choose to surround yourself with. Giving your people Awareness of their triggers is logical.  Giving them the ability to Regulate those triggers is practical. Creating an environment that reduces how often they are triggered in the first place is transformational.


The ‘Players’ on your team are determined by their Competence to do their job against their level of alignment with your Culture. The challenge becomes, how do you quantifiably measure culture?


This is where we've earned the name CultureSmith. Developed over a span of years and leveraging multiple validated theories of organizational psychology, our proprietary Functional & Frictional ValuesTM will define your culture in the most measurable way possible, improving your hiring, decision-making and leadership in ways you never thought possible.

Make sense? Great! Here's what will hold you back.

There is a powerful cognitive bias known as loss aversion that drives most economic behaviour. Simply put, loss aversion is the mental phenomenon that makes the pain of losing $5 feel worse than the joy of finding $5 feel good. This has many decision-makers cling to the status quo, even when presented with a logically superior option, given the fear of loss.

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The method we are proposing here is that logically superior option. However, it requires you challenge the status quo, creating loss aversion.

This is why we are not asking you to take the leap alone. Your free exploration call is NOT a sales pitch. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions, gain clarity and prevent loss aversion from being the force that prevents your company from being all that it can.

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