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Aligning your team's behaviour is like a solving a puzzle with moving pieces. We understand. That's why we created Cognitive Colours™. Our four-colour framework identifies patterns and tendencies, providing actionable insights that enhance collaboration and communication.

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As experts in explaining human behaviour and reducing bias, we recognize the power of questions. They spark curiosity, halt judgement, and foster deeper learning. That's why lead with our FAQs instead of burying them at the bottom of the page.




As the world gets faster and more complex, poor performance and team conflict are constant risks for leaders. That's where Cognitive Colours™ steps in. This proprietary framework taps into your people's unseen motivators, biases, and conflict responses, allowing you to guide them more effectively. Whether it's navigating change, enhancing decision-making, or improving team dynamics, Cognitive Colours™ gives you the insights you need to lead with confidence. Here are just a few ways it can help:

Confidently Predict & Influence Behaviour With Unconscious Motivators:


Imagine being in an unfamiliar maze in the dark. That's what leading without understanding your team's deepest needs feels like. Consider Cognitive Colours™ your real-time GPS.


Each person on your team is identified as one of four colours based on their unconscious needs and fears. This allows you to turn someone’s hidden need for approval into a willingness to accept feedback. A need for control evolves into the ability to delegate. Those fearing failure can embrace change, and those fearing rejection can have tough conversations. Making the unconscious conscious yields performance without unwanted collisions or detours. Why lead blindly when insight is a click away?


Optimize Decision-Making With Biases & Blind-Spots:


Effective teamwork requires aligned decision-making. Yet, unchecked biases can send team members veering off course. Enter Cognitive Colours™, a navigational tool to steer everyone in the right direction.


Consider a team member eager for recognition, constantly distracted by the ‘next big thing’, or someone detail-oriented prematurely dismissing budding ideas. Perhaps there's a skeptic on your team, whose need for proof creates tension, or a consensus-seeker who holds on to feedback to avoid ruffling feathers. With Cognitive Colours™, you can identify these biases and illuminate their blind-spots, simplifying decision-making. It's time to chart a simpler, more effective course towards success for your team.

An image of three routes all converging on one brain with all four colours.

No More Trading Performance For Peace Thank To Conscious Conflict:


Think of conflict as cholesterol: there's a type that clogs communication lines, and a type that helps clear them. Cognitive Colours™ equips you to transform potentially harmful conflict into a performance-enhancing tool.


Each team member's unconscious conflict response aligns with one of our four Cognitive Colours™. Some 'Defend,' passionately advocating for their perspective. Others 'Detach,' withdrawing from confrontation to maintain harmony. Some 'Deliberate,' taking time to carefully consider the situation, while others 'Debate,' engaging in logical arguments to reach the best solution. By understanding these responses, you can identify unproductive conflict and guide the conversation towards constructive interactions. Leaders working with Cognitive Colours™ have discovered that successful collaboration isn't about avoiding conflict—it's about having it well.

A peace symbol with all four colours filling the four sections with a graphic of a brain in the centre.

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How It Works:

You're three simple steps away from not just predicting and influencing your team's behaviour but also boosting your culture, hiring the right people, and so much more:

1: Assessment:

With our simple assessment, we eliminate  guesswork by harvesting actionable data and about people’s motivations and tendencies. No more wasted time on generic personality tests. Instead, we focus on your team's unique cognitive dynamics. The result is data that improves communication, creates more meaningful interactions, and improves performance!


2: Reporting:

Now comes the magic - turning raw data into real insights. We don't just churn out reports; we provide clear, jargon-free insights that give you a new lens to view your team. Ever wondered why some people clash, while others never speak up? Or why some chase innovation, while others stick to the process no matter what? Our reports clearly explain the motives behind these behaviours, along with people's hidden biases and conflict responses. You’ll shape team dynamics as easy as following a recipe.


3: Applications:

Here's where we empower your leadership to take a decisive turn. With our insights at your fingertips, you can create an environment of understanding and growth. It's not just about preventing hiring mistakes or resolving conflicts - it's about anticipating and harnessing issues for the group's benefit. Imagine a workplace where every cognitive trait is acknowledged and embraced, turning issues into opportunities. Now imagine the cost for every day you go without this.


Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

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How It’s Used:

Cognitive ColoursTM is a crucial tool in our quest to turn workplaces into hubs of emotional well-being. Leaders across industries use it to simplify emotional intelligence, forge cultures aligned with a single purpose and reduce hiring risks as they scale.

Develop Leadership EQ

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills:


Conventional leadership programs miss the mark, ignoring individual emotional triggers and cognitive traits. This training gap leaves leaders unequipped to navigate the emotional landscape of their teams, leading to disengagement and a lack of trust.


Step into a new era of leadership with LeadershipEQ. Unpack your emotional DNA in a guided journey, understanding how your unique cognitive traits can enhance emotional intelligence. Unlock your ability to navigate team dynamics, foster a culture of trust-based accountability, and ensure psychological safety. [Learn More].


Culture Building:

When Workshops Stop Working.


Team-building sessions don’t build culture. They fail to reveal specific needs and motivations of diverse teams, leaving conflict and disengagement unaddressed. You need a deep understanding of individual cognitive traits and how they affect workplace behaviour.


Discover how Cognitive ColoursTM can transform your culture into a cohesive unit where everyone is working towards a shared future. Understand the unique cognitive traits of your team, align behaviours, and skyrocket engagement. [Learn More].


Hiring Solutions:

You Need Benchmarks Over Biases.


Guessing wrong about how a potential hire will fit into your culture is one of the most expensive mistakes you can make. But how do you tell if someone has the intangible skills to do the job, let alone the personality to fit the group? Especially when all you have is a resume and an interview sandwiched between meetings?


Learn how Cognitive ColoursTM can revolutionize your hiring process. It not only identifies a candidate’s fit with your company’s culture before they are hired, but it also pinpoints the specific level of competency the candidate has relative to the role - and the unique deep practice they would need to develop further. All in a robust framework that also eliminates your cognitive bias in hiring decisions. [Learn More].


Maximizing Potential:


Cognitive ColoursTM is not a tool—it's a game-changer. Developed to improve emotional intelligence, reshape cultures, and safeguard your hiring process, its utility has only grown with time. Now, leaders like you use it to resolve a range of leadership challenges including:

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