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Establish relevant benchmarks, adopt intelligent evaluation techniques, and foster a cohesive team environment.


Without the right hiring tools, building a team means little more than adding bodies that won’t subtract from your team. With a combined five decades of recruitment experience, we understand the dynamics of this problem. Our expertise in organizational psychology and emotional intelligence led us to develop the solution. HireEQ's five-stage process pinpoints more than qualified candidates. It identifies those who will enrich your team. We make 1+1 = 3.

Join other discerning leaders who grew tired of dividing their efforts every time they added to their team. Enjoy the benefits of a high-performing, engaged team that aligns seamlessly with your organization's culture. Book your demo and transform your hiring with HireEQTM today.

As experts in identifying top talent, we know the power of a good question. Here are the most Frequently Asked when it comes to HireEQ:

Identify, Evaluate, AND Integrate The Talent You need.


Hiring and integrating new employees becomes challenging for leaders of scaling companies.


With HireEQTM, you will select candidates who resonate with your culture and vision through benchmarks, assessments, tailored interviews, transparent decision-making, and trust-building onboarding. It ensures growth and success by eliminating unconscious bias, aligning new hires with shared goals, and demystifying salary negotiations. Here are just a few ways we do this:

Identify Cultural Fit:


You can identify a candidate's cultural fit with your organization's unique values and goals with HireEQTM.


Our benchmarking, assessments, and reporting tools help you understand your team norms and leadership style. You can say goodbye to hiring mishaps and welcome team members who seamlessly fit your culture. How many promising hires failed due to cultural mismatch? Think about the growth and unity your team can experience when you add those who fit.


Interview Like a Pro:


With HireEQTM, you'll master the art of interviewing, evaluating a candidate's competencies and alignment with your company's values.


With our interview and evaluation stages, you get tailored interview questions and comprehensive evaluations that turn you into a pro. Hire individuals whose skills, values, and energy align with your organization's mission. Consider how many poor hires can be attributed to poor interviews. Feel good knowing your interview will tell you whether your new hire adds value immediately.


Build Trust Through Onboarding:


From day one, onboarding within HireEQTM cultivates trust, clarity, and belonging for your new hires.


They will benefit from guided integration into team culture, clear growth paths, and trust-building activities. Increase efficiency and happiness by rapidly assimilating new hires, building confidence and collaboration. How much time and energy have you wasted on ad-hoc onboarding? Imagine the surge in productivity and morale when new hires feel at home right away.


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How It Works:

HireEQTM protects your culture when adding new employees using the same evidence-based five-step process every time:

1: Benchmarking:


Imagine defining success in concrete terms. The benchmarking stage lays the groundwork by defining your team's social norms and leadership qualities. It's not just about skills; you want someone who fits your shared identity. The first step in selecting the right employees is to understand your culture at the most basic level. It's like having a fingerprint that reveals someone as an unmistakable match.


2: Assessment & Reporting:


Our assessments & reports replace guesswork with understanding. Testing determines a candidate's attitude, competencies, behavior, and fit with your team. All that information is then combined into a report that tells the story of who they are. No more taking chances. It will be easy for you to shortlist potential stars.


3: Interview & Evaluate:


The interview & evaluate stage lets you meet the person behind the resume. We'll design insightful questions tailored for your company. It's like a guided conversation to learn their skills, how they fit with your team, and where they might grow. The goal isn't just to fill a position; you're finding a new team member who will drive success for others.


4: Decision-Making:


Making decisions is a process about fairness and mutual attraction. By learning how to remove hidden biases, you will be able to make more informed decisions. We'll guide you to craft offers and negotiate terms transparently, so everyone feels respected. It's not a job offer. It's an invitation to join a future that benefits both sides.


5: Onboarding:


On-boarding is your new team member's welcome party. You will teach them the ropes, introduce them to their growth path, and begin the process of building trust. It's not about forms and procedures; it's about making them feel welcome from day one. It is the start of a successful journey together, fueled by confidence and clarity.


Stop Adding Bodies. Start Multiplying Engagement.

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The Magic Behind The Method:

Whether it's changing the way companies hire, boosting leaders' emotional intelligence, or aligning cultures with a shared purpose, our mission remains the same. To see work become a primary source of emotional wellbeing. That mission fuelled the development of these tools, each of which now fuel HireEQTM.

The Cognitive Colours

Using the Cognitive Colours, it is possible to uncover people's unconscious motivators as well as their communication preferences. In addition to enabling better alignment with the role and team in question, HireEQ uses this data to help leaders adjust their interview style. As a result, honest and detailed responses are drawn from all applicants. [Learn More].


Uncommon Norms


Used in HireEQ, the Uncommon Norms identify what conventional interviews don't - the hidden behaviours that negatively affect your team. The interview becomes the screening tool it should be by identifying behaviors that are acceptable in other cultures but wouldn't work for your company. You'll reduce hiring errors, enhance efficiency, and create an environment where trust and cooperation are more than just words; they're the heartbeat of your organization. [Learn More].


Uncommon Competencies


Inside HireEQTM, Uncommon CompetenciesTM allow you to assess prospective talent unlike any other system. 36 distinct competencies guide team members from good to great. The results are tangible: reduced turnover, consistent results, and a culture that fosters growth, evolution, and employee contribution. [Learn More].




Better hiring decisions fuelled by emotion intelligence are possible with MoodSwing. Imagine a tool that reveals how emotions influence hiring. What does this mean for you? Weigh all the variables that come with adding someone to your team with less bias and more reason. Each improved hiring decision you make will bring trust and accountability to your team. [Learn More].


Did You Know?

The stakes of hiring poorly only increase as your team grows. As you add people, the connections you need to foster between them grow exponentially. A 3-person team holds 3 connections. A 10-person team has 45.

A vacant role drives your need. But protecting the engagement of your current team must be your focus. What's the likelihood of that happening without a validated way of measuring soft skills?





Who to hire is one of the most important decisions a manager will make. Yet our analytics suggest they fail to choose the right candidate for the job 82% of the time.”


- Gallup: Why Great Managers Are So Rare.



Pricing Options & Guarantee:

Single Role
Pre-Purchase 5 Roles

Candidate Screening

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Per Role / Save $1,375 When You Buy A Block of 5.

  • Culture Benchmarking.
  • Role Benchmarking.
  • Leadership Style Benchmarking.
  • Alignment Reports & Recommendations.
  • No Limit To Number of Candidates Screened.
  • 6 Month Placement Guarantee.
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Screening & Selection



Per Role / Save $10,000 When You But a Block of 5.

  • Everything in Screening Plus:
  • Custom Interview Questions.
  • We Attend All Second Interviews.
  • We Ensure Your Bias Is Removed.
  • We Cover Offer Negotiation & Presentation.
  • Hiring Process Counts As Professional Development Hours For Leader.
  • 1 Year Placement Guarantee.

Screen, Select & Onboard



Per Role / Save $15,000 When You Buy a Block of 5.

  • Everything in Screening & Selection Plus:
  • Cognitive Colours Profiles For All Team Members.
  • 90-Day ‘Trust Sprint” For Leader & New Hire.
  • Unlimited 15min ‘Micro-Coaching’ Zoom Calls For Leader & New Hire.
  • On-Boarding Counts As Additional Professional Development Hours for Leader and New Hire.
  • 2 Year Placement Guarantee.

Full candidate sourcing (headhunting) is also available on roles with salaries of $90,000 and above at a fee of 8% of the base salary offered to the successful candidate.


You should only pay for what you need. It's why we offer transparent pricing. No more wondering what your recruitment fee covers, or why it's so high. Our three services combined will still cost you 30% less than the average contingency-based recruiter - who lacks the tools & analytics we offer. Too-good-to-refuse? We guarantee it.

We asked market leaders what they needed from their hiring processes to achieve their companies' goals. A proven way of measuring competency, better cultural alignment, and reduced turnover topped the list. Our process makes all three a reality.


How sure are we? Follow our process to the letter, and if these three things do not happen, we'll refund your money. Not only that, but we'll work your next vacancy for free. Anyone can give your money back. We're so sure in what we do, we're willing to refund your time too.


Join us to revolutionize your hiring process and ensure every person on your team grows with every person you add to it. Book a time to discuss your next hire with us below: