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The 'Convince The Boss' E-mail Template


Thank you for your interest in Forge Forums. In the event you need a little help in gaining your organization's support of your enrollment into our program, we have created the below e-mail template. 

Simply copy, past, edit and send and with luck you will be on your way to gaining membership to your very own Forge Forum.

We hope to see you soon.

-Team CultureSmith.

<Boss Name>,

I’m looking to gain approval to join Forge Forums, the peer leadership development program offered by CultureSmith Inc.

I’ve done my research on this and have come away convinced that this is the right program for me, at the right time for both my own development as well as our company’s.

I will learn how to create psychological safety within our teams, how to grow my own emotional intelligence, and how to do the same for others through a very practical application of servant leadership.

Unlike other peer development programs, Forge Forums are professionally facilitated. This ensures the training I get is of the highest quality while still benefiting from the experience of a diverse group of other leaders I would not have access to through other means.

The financial commitment to this program is $495 per month and the time commitment is 3 hours per month. Outside of that I receive unlimited access to a CultureSmith coach for any real-time guidance I may require as well as exclusive access to members only content and training.

It is estimated that the average disengaged employee costs an organization $18,794 in bleed per year. I mention this because it is also estimated that as much as 70% of variance in someone’s engagement level is directly tied to the effectiveness of their direct leader. Not only do I see Forge as an opportunity for personal growth, I also believe it will allow me to make an even greater impact on our company.

CultureSmith has written an ebook outlining the program that you can find here. If you have questions, please let me know. For now, simply know that my interest in this program is high and I hope you share my enthusiasm for it.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to discussing this with you further.


<Future Forge Forum Member>