Part of The 'Little Red Book Series'.

An Executive Summary on How To Retain The Most Valuable Assets Your Company Will Ever Have.

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The Problem


70% of all employee turnover is voluntary. If you do not know the reasons people stay, you will continue to see them leave.


63% of leaders state that turnover has increased within their teams over the past three years. You need to be aware of the macro-level changes around you that are fuelling this trend in order to address it.


80% of all turnover is the result of a poor hiring process. How you bring people into your company has a direct correlation on how long they (and those around them) will stay.

We are in the midst of a seismic shift in respect to the attitudes and expectations of employees given once-in-a-generation trends that have emerged in the past decade. The truth is, your people have never needed you less which means you must find ways to make them want you more. This is why you’ll want a copy of this Executive Summary. In it you’ll learn:

Why Preventing Turnover Is Essential

The factors contributing to the Mercenary Market Mentality that is fuelling so much turnover and how to position your company outside the fray.

Why Preventing Turnover Is Elusive

The difference between the elements of Job Satisfaction and Job Dissatisfaction, and how throwing money at people to attract and retain them is not the answer.

The Organizational Elements of Turnover

How Establishing Purpose within your organization allows your people to 'love your company'.

The Individual Elements of Turnover

How aligning roles with behaviours manufactures more Intrinsic Motivation, allowing your people to 'love their job'.

The Leadership Elements of Turnover

How understanding what true Empowerment is and how to create it allows your people to 'love their boss'.

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