Trust & Accountability

Part of The 'Little Red Book Series'.

An Executive Summary on How to Empower Your Team To Develop More Trust and Greater Accountability.

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The Problem


According to PwC, 55% of CEOs believe that a lack of trust within their organization is the primary threat to their growth.


According to Forbes, 84% of employees admit to avoiding accountability, in no small part because the vast majority of them see it as a punishment.

Ask yourself, do 100% of your people trust each other? Are 100% of your people accountable to one another? If the answer to either is ‘no’, you’ll want a copy of this Executive Summary. In it you’ll learn:

Why Trust & Accountability Are Essential

Including why high-trust organizations end up willing to pay their people an average of $6,450 per year more, regardless of market conditions.

Why Trust & Accountability Are Elusive

How and why these two commonly misunderstood terms need to be viewed as processes and not character traits.

The Organizational Elements of Trust & Accountability

How your organization handles failure and the impact it has on people’s willingness to trust and be held accountable.

The Individual Elements of Trust & Accountability

How a person’s level of EQ impacts their ability to both trust and be held accountable.

The Leadership Elements of Trust & Accountability

What empowerment actually means and how to use it to enable trust and accountability across your entire team.

Download the Executive Summary



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