Part of The 'Little Red Book Series'.

An Executive Summary on What Toxicity Is, What It Isn't, and How To Prevent It Within Your Workplace.

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The Problem


'Toxic was Oxford English Dictionary's 'Word of The Year' in 2018 given the spike in web searches for the word over the course of the year. The top queries were "signs of a toxic work environment" and "how to deal with a toxic work environment". The problem is spreading and people are looking for actionable ways to deal with it.

The problem is, people tend to view 'toxic behaviours' as being the fault of a person when in reality it's a person's environment that tends to 'activate' those traits within them. This is why you’ll want a copy of this Executive Summary. In it you’ll learn:

Why Preventing Toxicity Is Essential

The cyclical and compounding effect that the toxic behaviours of even one person on a team can have on the entire team.

Why Preventing Toxicity Is Elusive

The 'Toxic Triangle', a formal model that breaks down the three-side 'loop' that needs to close in order for dysfunctional behaviours to be considered truly toxic.

The Organizational Elements of Toxicity

How Ambiguity within your corporate culture prevents toxic behaviour from being called out.

The Individual Elements of Toxicity

How a person's individual level of Susceptibility determines whether they will accept or reject toxic behaviours in others.

The Leadership Elements of Toxicity

How a leader's level of Insecurity is the factor that typically sets a toxic culture in motion to begin with.

Download the Executive Summary



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