Bumper Cars are fun.

But they're not going to teach your team how to handle real 'collisions'.  

Effective Teams Aren't Built. They're Forged.

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Something's off in your team. You aren't entirely sure what, but you feel the need to do something about it.


"I know", you say to yourself, "We need to do a team-building event!"


Ok, but...


31% of employees say they dislike team-building events. Why? Well according to Forbes, "Team-building exercises are pointless and even insulting to your team members, because they suggest that if only your team members spent more time doing silly things together, like climbing trees and rolling around on the floor, they would work more effectively together the rest of the time."


As Forbes goes on to point out, when a team hasn't gelled or isn't communicating effectively, it's not because enough team-building hasn't happened. It's because there's some form of blockage at play and no one is talking about it.


The plain truth is, you don't need team-building.


You need Team-Forging.


It's been proven that the most effective teams have two characteristics that distinguish them from all others:



Performance is what separates a 'work group' from an actual team. Work groups are collections of people put together by organizational hierarchy. A team on the other hand, is a group that's consciously aware of their interdependence. They need one another to get work done. High-performance teams are focused on their goals and achieve superior business results. They outperform all other work groups given their conscious interdependence.



Cohesion refers to the amount of unity in a team while working towards a goal. Those in highly cohesive teams will be more cooperative and effective in achieving the goals they set for themselves. Lack of cohesion is certain to affect team performance due to unnecessary stress and tension among coworkers. Cohesion in teams is a predictive measure of the future success of a company.

Cohesion minus Performance equals Ineffectiveness.


Many team-building activities can be said to increase cohesion. However, cohesion on it's own has a dark side. Highly cohesive teams have been known to avoid conflict for fear of creating disharmony. When teams compulsively avoid conflict, they stunt their growth and maturity.


Team-building prevents conflict. Team-forging enables conflict to happen in a safe way.


The outcome of an effective team-building exercise should be the ability to have the kind of conflict that drives Performance, without that conflict destroying Cohesion

Team-Forging makes that possible by developing three critical competencies in people:



Self-Awareness (Learn More)

Self-awareness is knowing one's strengths, weaknesses, drives and goals - and their impact on others. 

People need to know their own unconscious Biases, Motivators and Triggers in order to understand how their behaviour may be impacted by others, and vice versa.


Self-Regulation (Learn More)

Self-regulation is controlling or directing disruptive emotions and impulses.

People need the ability to use their newfound awareness, to adjust their behaviour when triggered, in order to prevent situations from becoming worse.


Courting Conflict (Learn More)

Again, effective teams know how to court the type of conflict that increases Performance while ensuring it doesn't shift into the type of conflict that kills Cohesion.

This is only made possible when one understands the different types of conflict, as well as how  behavioural and emotional profiles influence both.


Go-karts, bumper cars and trust falls aren't going to cut it anymore.


The world is not changing, it's already changed. Whether you're about to invite people back into the office for the first time in months, or you're figuring out the dynamics of how hybrid-work is actually going to work, now is the time to arm your team with the skills they need.


Our Team-Forging Talks, Seminars and Workshops are designed to convert work groups into actual teams. The core theories in each session are designed to address the factors that prevent Performance and Cohesion:

1: Simplified (And Therefore Understandable) Psychometrics:

Even if members of your team want to be supportive, they're are primed to give support in the manner in which they like to, which often is not how others need them to.


How Team-Forging Fixed This:

The simplest path to better communication is enhanced understanding. That becomes a challenge when you're expected to remember a 48 page behavioural report on each of your teammates.

Our sessions focus on the three elements that most influence work behaviours: Behavioural Biases, Intrinsic Motivators and Emotional Triggers.

The result? Our students achieve a level of program mastery in one day that others take months to deliver.




2: Tactical Emotional Intelligence

Of course the ability to apply that mastery means little if you can't access it when triggered.


How Team-Forging Fixes This:

The biggest difference in our program is the emphasis on emotion. We help your team increase their emotional Capacity and their Consciousness of it, something we call 'Game'.

Other soft-skills training tends to label people and create rules on how to approach them. Ours teaches people how to rise to any situation regardless of what their 'profile' may be.




The 'Chemistry' of Conflict

Not all Conflict is bad. Performance comes from high levels of Task Conflict. Cohesion comes from low levels of Relationship Conflict. Few teams know the difference, leading to Confusion in teams where Conflict is avoided and Combat in teams where it's misused.


How Team-Forging Fixes This:

Certain Behavioural Colors are prone to experience all conflict as Relationship Conflict even when it isn't intended to be. 

Additionally, certain emotional states influence people to convert Task Conflict into Relationship Conflict, even when we know it will cause harm.

The Self-awareness and Self-regulation taught in our sessions prevents both of these phenomena from occurring.




We will take your people from a work group to an actual team in ways mini-golfing and escape rooms can't possibly hope to. Best of all we will do it without the confusion and overwhelm found in many behaviours-based training.


We also offer a variety of formats to meet all budgets and time constraints.

Keynote Talk



Lecture Style Talk Covering:

  • Self-Awareness (Behavioural Colours)
  • Self-Regulation (Emotional Blindspots)
  • All attendees will receive a comprehensive EQ tool customized to their unique profile and a digital download of the presentation.

Perfect for Lunch & Learns, EO & TEC Style Forum Meetings and those looking for an introduction to Workplace Emotional Intelligence.

Half-Day Seminar

3-4 Hours


Everything Offered in Keynote Plus:

  • Team exercises to reinforce concepts.
  • Introduction to Task-Based vs Relationship-Based Conflict.
  • In addition to the EQ tool and digital download, all attendees will also receive a personalized "User Manual", the simplest yet most comprehensive team communication cheat-sheet ever designed.

Ideal for smaller teams with hands-on leaders capable of supporting and reinforcing the concepts post-session.

Most Effective

Full-Day Workshop

6-8 Hours


Everything Offered in Seminar Plus:

  • Break-out exercises to practice concepts in real-time.
  • Impact of individual Behavioural Colours on the ability to have Task vs Relationship Conflict.
  • Impact of various Emotional States on the ability to have Task vs Relationship Conflict.
  • 30 Days of additional coaching and support to ensure mastery and application of concepts.

Designed for teams of 10 or more, and for those who know they cannot sacrifice Performance for the sake of Cohesion.


One last thing...

A common frustration with many team-based sessions is that the day itself is fantastic, but much of the content (and therefore the impact) is lost after only a few days.


This isn't a fluke. There's actual science behind it. Science we've incorporated into each session so that we appeal to all four major human learning styles to maximize retention. 


The 30 days of support offered as part of Full-Day Workshops, is also tailored to each attendee's behavioural profile to disrupt and address any blindspot that may cause them to stray from what's learned once the team is back in action.


We have quite literally thought of everything, which leaves you with three choices:

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Do nothing and witness the slow decay of Performance & Cohesion in your team. 


Try and see how many life lessons your team can learn while smashing into each other at the amusement park.

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FORGE an actual TEAM by learning how to drive Performance and bolster Cohesion.

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