Are your people getting sucked into the vortex?

What If Work Was A Place People Went To Have Their Energy Renewed?

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Companies are more focused than ever on sustainability. They are taking careful measures, and with good reason, to reduce their carbon footprint. 


But what about their emotional footprint?


The conventional approach to leadership is both linear and extractive. Leaders harvest effort and emotional resources from their people in service of the organization.


All this has left us with is an 85% employee disengagement rate, $1 Trillion in voluntary turnover costs per year,  and the lifespan of the average S&P 500 company shrinking from 56 years to less than 15 years in the past four decades.


So much for sustainability.


What if leadership went from being linear and extractive to being cyclical and renewable? What if leaders acted in service of their people so that better versions of these people were available to fully meet the needs of organization?  This is not a pipedream. It's a system. A system called ServantEQTM.


And it's available to anyone motivated enough to implement it.


modern leadership is a problem of energy

A vortex sucks energy into its center. In the workplace this happens when one person Dominates another either deliberately or accidentally.

Allowing oneself to be dominated creates feelings of shame. Feelings that go away when the person Rationalizes being coerced with thoughts like "They know more than me", or "This is me paying my dues".

Left unchecked, Confirmation bias takes over and this person now starts to look for proof they are lesser. Work is now a place they dread going to.

This spreads across entire organizations if the following three elements are allowed to exist:




What would happen if you could reverse the cycle?

A flywheel generates energy as it spins. The larger it is, the less friction it faces, and the faster it spins, the more energy is stored to be used later.

Your Organization has needs. Those needs are met by Individuals. Meeting the needs of the organization creates needs for the individual. These needs are met by Leadership.

Increasing your flywheel's Size and Speed while decreasing its' Friction is made possible when you learn to implement three practices:



The question becomes, if Followers meet the needs of the Organization and Leaders meet the needs of Followers, how do Leaders get their own needs met?


Introducing: ServantEQTM

ServantEQTM incorporates Psychological Safety, EQ and Servant Leadership into a single holistic framework, designed to meet the needs of modern leaders.

Quarterly data collection is supported by monthly Emotional Intelligence training and ad hoc daily coaching as needed.




ServantEQTM is reserved for leaders who are committed to the growth of their people and their organizations, and who seek the rigor and accountability to deliver on both. Below is a list of the Technology, Support and Deliverables leaders can expect on a Daily, Monthly and Quarterly basis. 

Tech & Tools

Each leader is supported by a proprietary set of tools built specifically for the program.


Spiral: our online EQ tool, allows leaders to check how their current mood stands to influence their immediate behaviour.


EQ Trend Reports form part of the monthly coaching sessions to gain a bigger picture perspective on each leader's EQ.


Quarterly Sessions are dedicated to reporting and analysis of either the level of Safety in the team or the level of progress of each leader.


Technology is great, but it is no substitute for the guidance offered by a trained expert.


'Micro-Coaching' Calls: leaders can access their ServantEQTM Coach for guidance whenever they need it.


Monthly Meetings accelerate leader's development given the focus and accountability they bring.


In addition to the normal monthly coaching, quarterly sessions add a strategy component to guide the overall program.

What We Unlock

We do not solve your problems. We help a better version of you show up to solve your own problems.


Awareness: Spiral check-ins and 'Micro-Coaching' create the perspective needed to 'get yourself out of your own way'.


Progress: Amplifying Feedback is used to promote what's working. Stabilizing Feedback is used to correct what's not.


Speed: Quarelty analysis allows for enough time to pass to measure impact of changes, while still allowing for correction to happen early enough to avoid waste.



If this feels like it's a lot, that's because it is. Leading people will never be easy. It can however be made simple.

Trust us when we say, this program makes things as simple as they can be.

To sway you, we could focus on the cost of voluntary turnover (20-40% of pre-tax income and climbing) or the cost of a toxic culture ($86 billion in unplanned absences alone) or how 58% of people in a recent HBR study said they'd take advice from a complete stranger over their current boss.

Instead, we'll focus on the only thing that really matters. We can and will help you fall back in love with being a leader. Book today and let's get started.