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Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for an event or a facilitated workshop for your team, our talks are guaranteed to get people talking.  


We Pride Ourselves on Our Ability To Make The Complex Simple.

As we are fond of saying, working with people will never be easy, but it can be made simple.


As experts in what it takes to build and maintain great teams we know how daunting it can be to address problems in the workplace. We also know how it can be even more daunting to ask for help doing so, largely because you don't know what help to ask for. 


This is why we have developed this series of pre-curated talks and workshops on some of the most common issues facing leaders and their teams.


We have found these to be an excellent way to reduce the anxiety and hesitation many teams feel when it comes to investigating their workplace challenges, allowing us a safe and effective way to introduce them to the broader possibilities that lie beyond their current struggle.


Information on each talk is listed below as well as the ability to book a call to discuss each one in more detail.

Tactical Trust

Trust is a process. It does not take time to build, it takes repetitions.

Who It's For: This session is ideally delivered as a teambuilding event given the immediate impact it will create in respect to building trust.

Why It Matters:

The growth of individuals and teams is a product of simultaneously feeling safe yet uncomfortable. People need to feel safe enough to take risks, yet uncomfortable enough to know that what they’re doing is a risk. The thing that allows for these two seemingly conflicting elements to be present at the same time is trust.

What You'll Learn:

Simply put, you’ll learn what trust actually is and why you’ve struggled to scale it across you teams (and across your personal relationships.) The definition of trust is “exposing oneself to harm, but then not being harmed”. It is a process, not a desired state. Leveraging our proprietary WorkplaceEQTM platform you will learn how each behavioural type experiences harm and what you need to Protect, Direct and Respect to ensure they are not harmed. You will also learn the ‘reconciliation process’ for rebuilding trust if and when the process breaks.

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Tactical Trust

The Paradox of Psychological Safety 

How To Grow A Business That Grows You

Who It's For: This talk was designed with entrepreneurs in mind making it ideal for those in groups such as TEC, YPO/EO, etc. looking to bring a speaker in to one of their sessions.

Why It Matters: Google studied over 15,000 employees over a 5 year span to learn what makes the perfect team. Of the 5 dynamics of organizational performance, they found that psychological safety was far and away the biggest. A paradox emerges however when leaders are trying to establish this safety, yet need to still push their teams to deliver on objectives. This seminar solves that paradox.

What You'll Learn: You will learn what psychological safety is and the three steps you need to take as a leader to establish it in your teams. You will then learn how to leverage it to increase the amount of growth-centred conflict your teams can have, instead of mistakenly trying to protect it by playing safe.

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Employee Engagement at the speed of emotion

Who It's For: This session is all about increasing communication, empathy and understanding making it an ideal team-building event for groups of 5 or more.

Why It Matters: Emotional intelligence has been proven to be responsible for over 58% of all performance at work. It is also the only element of human personality that can be trained, making it an excellent option for leaders looking to help their teams get to the next level.

What You'll Learn: The two foundational elements of emotional intelligence are self-awareness and self-regulation. Here you will learn a tactical application of both. This is often viewed by our clients as our flagship session in that everyone in attendance will walk away with their Behavioural Colour and Emotional Blindspots, as well as an actionable understanding of how to use both of them better at work, and at home.

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How To Hire / When To Fire 

a holistic approach to scaling a team

Who It's For: This session is about how to dramatically improve engagement across your team by looking at the impact your hiring practices have on it. As such it is ideally suited for business unit managers of companies in growth mode.

Why It Matters: The reason you hire is to fill an open role. The purpose of hiring must be to protect the engagement of those you already have. Most companies we encounter with engagement issues in reality have hiring problems. They don’t know how to properly screen for culture when they hire, leading to compounded issues down the road.

What You'll Learn: You will learn the role values play in both hiring and performance management. You will learn the basics of emotional intelligence and how to screen for it in an interview. You will also learn how to set your hiring process up so as to tell you the exact moment you should walk away from a problem employee before they inflict too much damage. In short, you’ll learn how to grow your team without anxiety. (As an added bonus, you will walk away with a custom set of interview questions you can start using the next day).

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The Empathy Equation

Why Servant Leadership Is The Only Sustainable Way Forward

Who It's For: lack of empathy lies at the heart of every issue in workplace performance. As a result, this seminar needs to be attended by everyone.

Why It Matters: Empathy is routinely (and mistakenly) seen as a personality trait. Empathy is in fact a process. The danger in viewing empathy as a trait is that it becomes easy to write those off we believe to lack the trait. In reality these are the people we need to be introducing the process to. Anyone can be taught to follow a process. They just need to be shown how.

What You'll Learn: This is by far one of our more popular seminars. Here we take the Environmental Impact Equation which shows companies how to reduce their impact on the environment while still increasing their profits, and repurpose it to show leaders how to do the same thing with empathy. You will learn how to reduce the emotional impact you are having on your team, while still growing your business to a level you never thought possible.

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The Toxic Triangle

How to prevent insecurity from killing any team

Who It's For: This seminar deconstructs toxic leadership and is therefore ideal for anyone that has a vested interest in seeing a particular leader succeed. A niche that has seen great value from this seminar, are VC’s and Private Equity leaders who are looking to help influence the leaders of their portfolio companies.

Why It Matters: Toxic leadership works...right up until it doesn’t. The most famous examples of toxic leadership, from Enron to the Volkswagen clean diesel scandal, all have one thing in common: they were all considered shining examples of success mere months before they found themselves in crisis. Toxic leadership is hard to address because the results it creates in the short term are hard to give up. This is why you need a systematic approach to identifying it before it happens, and preventing it from fully forming.

What You'll Learn: you will learn the three elements of the Toxic Triangle: the insecurity of leaders, their unconscious attempts to consolidate power, and the type of weak cultures that allow it to happen. You will also learn how to neutralize each of these three ‘sides of the triangle’ to prevent toxicity from becoming your team’s downfall.

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The Comfort Zone Misconception 

the fine line between growth and avoidance

Who It's For: We’ve all been taught to view our comfort zones incorrectly so this seminar is truly for everyone.

Why It Matters: Growth happens outside your comfort zone. So does injury. In order to deal with the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world around you, you need the tools to be able to understand how to create the former without risking the latter.

What You'll Learn: You will learn the role that Behaviours, Emotions and Values play in defining your comfort zone, the difference between your Comfort Zone, your Growth Zone and your Avoidance Zone, and the daily exercises you need to do to keep yourself on the edge of growth in a sustainable way. Each participant will walk away with a custom Comfort Zone template to allow for these daily exercises to happen effortlessly. 

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Elements of each of these sessions can be carved out and combined to create almost anything you can imagine. 


Whether pre-curated or customized these sessions can be delivered as 60-90min keynote addresses / webinars or expanded into half-day workshops.


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