Leadership Development

Part of The 'Little Red Book Series'.

An Executive Summary on How to Develop Those Who Will Determine Your Organization's Future.

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The Problem


According to the Brandon Hall Leadership Development Survey, 77% of companies are currently experiencing a leadership gap.


According to the same survey, 84% of organizations anticipate an even more drastic leadership shortfall in the next 5 years.


According to Harvard Business Review, of those being promoted to fill this shortfall, 60% of them fail (resigned, terminated or demoted) within their first year. 

You are either dealing with a leadership gap or soon will be. Regardless, you’ll want a copy of this Executive Summary. In it you’ll learn:

Why Leadership Development Is Essential

Including why 58% of employees would take advice from a complete stranger over their current boss.

Why Leadership Development Is Elusive

Including why the average leader is forced to go 10 years in a management role before receiving any formal leadership training.

The Organizational Elements of Leadership Development

How your organization handles failure and the impact it has on people’s willingness to engage with their leader.

The Individual Elements of Leadership Development

How empathy helps people better understand both the help to ask for as well as their leader's capacity to offer it.

The Leadership Elements of Leadership Development

The difference between Persuasion and Coercion and how to practice the former even when the latter seems more effective.

Download the Executive Summary



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