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Hiring represents one of the greatest opportunities you have to immediately impact your culture. You're going to want to make sure you get it right.






According to Brandon Hall Research, 95% of hiring managers admit to making at least one poor hiring decision every year.

This not only creates issues in the moment, it leads to unnecessary complications that spread across your entire culture.


"of ALL employee turnover is a result of poor hiring decisions." (Harvard Business Review)


is the average cost for every poor hire a company makes. (CareerBuilder)


is the average cost for every GOOD hire that leaves as a result of making a poor hire. (CareerBuilder)

The reason you hire is to fill a vacancy.

The purpose of hiring must be to protect the engagement of those you already have.

Hiring managers make mistakes when they allow the short-term pressure of hiring to force them to put the Reason they are hiring ahead of the Purpose of the hire.

We improve the trajectory of your entire organization by ensuring Purpose (and by extension engagement) never takes a back seat. Our process not only makes the best 'fit' obvious, it sets your entire team up for long term success. 

And we do it in five simple steps:




Culture is defined as the values & beliefs that separate one group of people from another. If you want to know if people fit your culture, you need to know the line against which you're measuring it.

The problem is, most companies values were not designed to be used as a hiring benchmark. We begin by validating your existing values (or creating them if you have yet to) by converting them into Functional & Frictional ValuesTM.

This provides one of the two benchmarks used later during the Evaluate stage.








Top performers not only fit your culture, they have the competence to do the job. 

Here too the conventional recruitment process falls short. Matching resumes to keywords in the job description is not enough. You need to know that an applicant can actually solve the problems you need them to. There's a difference between someone with '10 years of experience' and someone with '1 year of experience, 10 years in a row'. 

The Demonstrate phase is designed to highlight the difference between those with ability and those with proven ability.







Only once you've measured alignment with both Culture and Competence can you properly evaluate fit.

You will know exactly who to Target, who will be a future top performer with the right Training, who will require Toleration given high skill but lack of culture fit and who you can safely Terminate from consideration.

Best of all, our custom online assessments and reporting provide you this insight during pre-screening, saving you from investing time (and emotion) in unnecessary interviews. 






There are two problems with the standard interview process. First, interviews are where hiring manager biases most easily show up. Second, emotional intelligence is responsible for 58% of all success at work yet few hiring managers are trained in how to screen for it.

In others words, you could identify an absolute rockstar on paper yet they may fail to deliver once hired due to low EQ and you may fail to uncover that in an interview because you are unconsciously looking for reasons to hire.

HireEQTM generates custom interview questions for each applicant based on both their behavioural profile and yours. You will conduct a better interview than you ever have.






Most people believe the hiring process ends once the ink is dry on the offer letter. Most people are wrong.

Again, the Reason to hire is to fill a role. the Purpose of hiring is to protect engagement.

Our process does not end once the interviews are over. We work with you post-hire, leveraging our WorkplaceEQTM platform to ensure your new hire is properly integrated into their new team. Both the successful applicant and their new team members receive custom emotional intelligence tools designed to increase communication and psychological safety.

IMG_0989 2


5 steps to ensure you not only fill your open role but respect the culture the role exists in.

What if we also told you that you could have this entire process and the uncommon results it creates, for a fee that is roughly 1/3 of the 20-25% charged by conventional recruiters? 

Why We can Charge



while others can't

When we first led the industry by introducing 8% recruiting fees, we were told it would never work. We were told it was a 'race to the bottom'. What our critics failed to realize is that by de-risking our client's hiring process, we de-risked our own business, allowing us to pass this along to our clients in the form of a more appropriate fee.

Risk Recruiters Face: No One Has Exclusive Access to Candidates

With the proliferation of technologies such as LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter all recruiters have the same access to talent.

This increases the risk to the recruiter that a competing firm may send the same applicant on the same role, preventing them from collecting a fee.

Our Advantage:

Our value proposition is not tied to sourcing, it's tied to selection. The evidence-based methodology we use is 100% proprietary. 

Our clients recognize that finding a resume is the easy part. Determining the impact that person will have on the engagement of the team is where the true value lies. Other firms can find people just as fast as we do, they're simply unable to determine fit like we can.

Risk Recruiters Face: It's Become a Numbers Game

The fact that talent has become open source means that speed is often what determines whether or not a recruitment firm will collect their fee.

As a result, many recruiters work to get as many resumes in front of you as fast as they can in order to "lay claim" to an applicant before another firm does.


Our Advantage:

Not only does sending several resumes 'protect the fee', it creates the illusion of choice, increasing the odds you hire someone, regardless of fit.   

Instead of 'five resumes acting as five data points' our process increases the data you receive on each applicant so you can make more informed decisions. This eliminates poor hires, decreasing your risk as well as ours.

Risk Recruiters Face: You

Most companies engage more than one agency when they hire, and / or continue with their own hiring efforts to ensure the net is cast as wide as possible.

A belief exists that this makes firms work harder to earn their commission. In reality the increased risk to the firm often has them limit their effort.

Our Advantage:

We identify fit so early in the process it removes all incentive for our clients to engage multiple avenues. 

The primary reason hiring managers feel compelled to use multiple firms is they want to ensure they get the best person for the role. Rather than letting volume of applicants give our client's that feeling of security, we prefer to rely on science.

Add these risks up and recruiters must earn the margin on the roles they fill to make up for effort lost on those they don't.

They charge what they charge because they need to. We charge what we charge because we get to.



For an even deeper dive into the risks above, and advice on how to mitigate them, download The 7 Truths Recruiting Firms Would Rather You Not Know!

Better. More Cost Effective. Just as fast.

We've not only explored the science of employee engagement to create our model, we've invested in the technology and processes to apply that science efficiently. You do not need to sacrifice speed for accuracy. We can have you from benchmarking to assessments, to interviews, to offer, in mere days. With HireEQTM you can Find Fit Fast.

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