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Hiring represents the single greatest opportunity you will have to influence engagement. When executed correctly, your hiring process affords you the chance to analyze the impact someone will have on your entire team, before you invite them to join you.

The problem is, the conventional hiring process is broken as evidenced by the numbers below:


"of ALL employee turnover is a result of poor hiring decisions." (Harvard Business Review)


"of hiring managers admit to making AT LEAST one poor hiring decision EACH YEAR." (Brandon Hall Research)


"of companies have identified a broken hiring process as the biggest factor in poor hires." (CompanyMatch)


"of organizations evaluate candidates prior to interviewing them for the first time." (Brandon Hall Talent Acquisition Study)

According to CareerBuilder, companies lose an average of $14,900 for every poor hire they make. They lose an additional $29,600 for every good hire that leaves as a result of the poor hire.

This highlights the fundamental flaw when it comes to most company's hiring practices; they understand the reason for hiring but fail to understand the purpose of hiring.


The reason you hire is because you need to.

You have an open chair due to turnover or growth and your objective is to fill that chair with the best possible person.

As a result, the pain of the empty chair fuels your hiring criteria leading to short-sighted decisions with long term consequences.


The purpose of hiring however should be to protect the engagement level of those you already have

A 2015 Harvard Study found that avoiding a toxic worker creates 235% more financial benefit to an organization than successfully hiring someone deemed to be in the top 1% of the available talent pool at that time. 

So why is it so hard? Why do so many companies struggle to hire properly even when they understand the importance of getting it right?

Our 20 plus years in recruitment combined with our expertise in organizational psychology have helped us uncover the 3 fundamental flaws in conventional hiring that leads to the type of turnover and toxicity that kill company performance.

1: A failure to define Culture.

Culture is defined as, "the sum of values, customs and beliefs that separates one group of people from another"

In other words, your culture needs to be your 'line in the sand' against which you measure all whom you invite to join you. A failure to define culture in quantifiable ways that can actually be measured in an interview is the first fundamental flaw in most hiring processes.



2: A Failure to define Competence.

There's a difference between an applicant with 10 years of experience and one with "1 year of experience 10 years in a row." The only way to know this difference is to have a visceral understanding of the problems you need your new hire to solve on your behalf.

Many companies are unclear on the problems they have. Even more mask their problems, fearing it will scare away top talent. In truth, the best people are attracted to the problems they get to solve as working on these problems increases the three primary psychological factors required for job satisfaction. You must define your problems through the lens of organizational psychology to know the true Competence you should be seeking (and that which should be seeking you).




3: A Failure to define climate.

Your organizational climate is the atmosphere created on a day-to-day basis. It is derived from the mix of engaged, disengaged and toxic people you have.

Engaged employees are aligned with the values of the culture, thus being part of culture itself is intrinsically motivating for them. They are there for what they give.

Disengaged employees are misaligned with these values, therefore lack intrinsic motivation, and thus require extrinsic motivation to be engaged. They are there for what they get.

Toxic employees are threatened by the culture and feel compelled to act out. They feel they're actually 'fighting the good fight' by being disruptive.

You can have a strong culture (Values & Beliefs) yet a poor climate if you fail to respect that culture when hiring. You need to be clear before you hire whether an applicant is someone you should Target, someone you must Train, someone you must Tolerate, or someone you will most likely Terminate



In short, failing to address Culture and Competence when hiring will negatively impact your Climate.

What if we told you there was a way to measure both, BEFORE you hired, effectively eliminating your risk? 

What if we also told you that you could have this for an 8% of base salary fee unlike the 20-25% charged by conventional recruitment firms who lack the ability to accurately measure Culture and Competence?

Why We can Charge



while others can't

When we first led the industry by introducing 8% recruiting fees, we were told it would never work. We were told it was a 'race to the bottom'. What our critics failed to realize is that by de-risking our client's hiring process, we de-risked our own business, allowing us to pass this along to our clients in the form of a more appropriate fee. A quick look at the HireEQTM process illustrates this:



Step 1: Define Culture & Competence.

Using our proprietary Functional & Frictional ValuesTM we quantifiably define your culture. Using Job Design Theory, we determine the right behavioural competence required and use our Behavioural Colours system to determine the ideal match. Establishing these baselines de-risks the process for us by eliminating the guesswork of identifying candidates who will grow to be engaged employees with you.

It reduces your risk by eliminating the turnover and toxicity that comes from inadvertently hiring someone who is poorly aligned with your culture.

Conventional firms have not developed these tools, forcing them to de-risk their business in other ways like sending as many resumes as possible and encouraging their clients to hire quickly to increase the odds of a placement.



Step 2: Custom Online Assessments.

We build a custom online assessment for each and every role. This ensures that applicants have been measured against your unique needs, not averages from arbitrary databases. Your culture drives the engagement level of your people therefore it must be the benchmark. Once again this decreases your risk and increases our efficiency.

Conventional recruiters are forced to go on gut. This increases the risk they will need to go back to market and submit new candidates if and when the first line up fails to impress.





Step 3: Reporting & Interview Questions.

We produce detailed reporting that allows all parties to see if they are a fit for one another before they invest time in interviewing, once again removing risk from the entire process.

Without this reporting, conventional firms are forced to rely heavily on their clients to assess how strong the candidate is in an interview. This would be fine if you were trained in organizational psychology, but odds are you're not.

This is why we also create individualized interview questions for each candidate, based on their assessment scores. Not only is this one more contribution toward assessing 'fit', it makes our clients better interviewers themselves. "Interviewer anxiety" and the blindspots it creates, is a major cause of poor hires. Our process has eliminated it.

IMG_0989 2


Step 4: Emotionally Intelligent On-boarding.

Once hired, we provide every new hire and their new leader, with a detailed on-boarding package built on the principles of emotional intelligence, psychological safety and servant leadership. This level of support practically ensures zero risk of a poor placement.

Recruiters charge what they charge because they need to. We charge what we charge because we get to.

Better. More Cost Effective. Just as fast.

We've not only explored the science of employee engagement to create our model, we've invested in the technology and processes to apply that science efficiently. You do not need to sacrifice speed for accuracy. We can have you from benchmarking to assessments, to interviews, to offer, in mere days. With HireEQTM you can Find Fit Fast.

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