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Stop Adding Bodies. Start Multiplying Your Leadership.

Balance The Equation


HireEQTM is the only hiring process designed to increase your emotional intelligence as a leader while you hire.

It just happens to also be an evidence-based way to identify your next A Player, saving you the pain and expense of hiring the wrong person.

Hire better people to build your team. Use a better process to build yourself. Book your free demo today.

Dramatically Improve Hiring

Grow Your EQ

No Added Training Cost

Tasks requiring collaboration have grown by 50% over 20 years. Most of what we value in the modern economy is produced through teamwork. The increased odds of conflict that result place new strains on both hiring and leadership. Still, companies overpay to dull the urgency of open roles while underinvesting in training.


By identifying candidates with the right EQ, we strengthen teams. By reinventing the hiring process to grow your EQ as you hire, we develop leaders. Turnover represents risk for most. Our clients use it as an opportunity for growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Book a free demo. From hiring strategies to your own self-development, or anything in-between, we are here to help.

Never Look At Hiring The Same Way Again.


HireEQTM is unlike anything you've seen. Maybe that’s because it fixes problems you don't realize you have. Actually, that's not true. You know you have them. You've just never connected them. Which is why you're stuck playing whack-a-mole trying to tackle each on it’s own.


We took 10 years of coaching leaders to grow their EQ and applied it to our combined 50 years of recruitment experience. In doing so, we built the only tool that fixes all three problems at once.


Problem #1: Hiring


The traditional hiring process is broken. Time constraints, the pressure to fill positions, and the stress of the process itself make hiring biased and inaccurate.


Positions open without warning, making no two hiring processes the same. Something as seemingly irrelevant as the time of day leaders conduct interviews affects their perceptions of candidates. In a controlled study, 80% rated identical candidates differently in morning interviews than they did in the afternoon.


Problem #2: Leadership Development


Many leaders are plateauing. The modern knowledge-based economy requires leaders to be skilled at navigating change, coping with pressure, and making unpopular decisions. 


Most leaders know their industry inside and out. They've developed solid technical skills. These are no longer the things that distinguish them from their peers. Modern leaders need mental models that allow them to handle stress, build trust with stakeholders, and make sound business decisions aligned with their company's goals and values.


The Missing Link


Emotional intelligence solves both problems. It improves self-awareness, empathy and interpersonal skills. Each one is essential when navigating the complexity of more senior roles. They just happen to also make leaders better at hiring.


An emotionally intelligent leader is more aware of and honest about their own limitations. They know exactly what skills to hire as a result. Their empathy gets deeper responses from interviewees, which leads to better insights. It's easier for them to be reflective, eliminating impulsive hiring decisions.


Which brings us to problem #3…


According to Harvard Business Review, only 12% of companies prioritize emotional intelligence training, seeing it as time-intensive and expensive. That doesn't stop them from overspending on recruiters and wasting time hiring poorly.


Companies don't hesitate to spend 20% or more of a candidate's base salary on recruitment fees to make the short-term pain of hiring go away. Why are so many willing to invest so poorly to find new people, while investing so little in developing the ones they already rely on?


We got tired of asking that question. So we came up with THE answer. HireEQTM is the first ever hiring process that develops a leader's emotional intelligence as they hire. You'll eliminate costly hiring mistakes. You'll develop critical leadership skills. All without needing budget approval for training.


It is the smartest, most effective way to hire. You've worked hard. You deserve the skills of a modern leader. Your team works hard. They deserve a new teammate - not another coworker. Let's make both happen. Book a demo today.

Why Leaders need emotional intelligence.


Some athletes depend on power. Others rely on speed. Some need strength. For others it's endurance. Decathletes need all of the above. A leader's EQ is just as multifaceted. Leadership begins to fail when any aspect of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, or accountability is removed. And that’s the problem.


Leaders train as specialists for years, honing their skills and becoming experts in their field. Eventually, they're promoted into a position requiring muscles they've never had to use.


According to the International Journal of Selection and Assessment, two thirds of all leaders derail at some point in their career. Derailment usually happens within months of transitioning into a more senior role, and eight of the nine associated behaviours are all related to low-EQ.


Here are just a few barriers high-EQ leaders regularly overcome compared to lower-EQ colleagues:

Don't wait until you’re facing a complex leadership challenge before developing the EQ necessary to succeed. Particularly when a vacancy on your team presents an opportunity to provide safe and effective training. Book a demo. We'll help you grow as your team grows.


Are you a designated professional? Every hour you spend with us working on your hire earns you one hour of Verified Professional Development. We track and calculate your hours automatically and issue you a certificate. No more last minute webinars just to get your hours in.



Why Traditional Hiring Is Broken


Hiring, especially for senior positions, is rarely planned. A position opens and must be filled. Assessing culture fit can be challenging and subjective. It's also time-consuming. Skills can be measured quickly and easily. Skill therefore becomes the deciding factor far more than it should.


C Players turn teams toxic. Their capability convinces them they’re right. Their lack of vulnerability makes it impossible for others to offer feedback when they're not.


Hiring without a culture lens is expensive. Increased turnover, decreased productivity, and low employee morale are just a few of the costs. A meta study combining decades of research revealed the most common flaws in the traditional hiring process, and the reasons companies struggle to abandon them:

The stakes of hiring poorly only increase as your team grows. As you add people, the connections you need to foster between them grow exponentially. A 3-person team holds 3 connections. A 10-person team has 45.

Sure, a vacant role drives your need. But protecting the engagement of your current team must be your focus. What's the likelihood of that happening without a validated way of measuring soft skills?





Who to hire is one of the most important decisions a manager will make. Yet our analytics suggest they fail to choose the right candidate for the job 82% of the time.”


- Gallup: Why Great Managers Are So Rare.





Stop struggling with bias and noise during the hiring process, leading to hurt feelings and poor hires.


Schedule a demo. Transform your hiring process with our emotionally intelligent solution. We’ll add evidence to intangibles and eliminate unconscious biases from the entire process. We’ll make your team feel heard, creating culture benchmarks using their input. We’ll advise you with training and guidance throughout. Put an end to missed opportunities and ineffective hires. Adopt a more efficient and far more intelligent approach.

How It Works:


We'll take you from haphazard hiring to precision placement without the chaos, frustration and anxiety of going it alone. Here’s how:

Step 1: Benchmarking:


Benchmarks are a measure of best performance for a process or outcome. We work with you to build three of them: Technical, Team and Trust.


Technical: The requirements and expectations of the role. By assessing the constraints your new hire will need to work under, we can compare their experience with the requirements you actually have.


Team: Social norms of the group. In the same manner that drivers unconsciously keep up with traffic on the road, each team has a shared set of behaviors. We quantify these, resulting in interview questions that can't be gamed.


Trust: Vulnerability met with accountability. One person exposes themselves to possible risk, the other prevents it. Trust builds with each cycle. Cognitive Colors are assessed for every stakeholder the role supports. This defines the "vulnerability" the new person needs to be accountable to.


How This Fixes Hiring:

How This Develops Leader EQ:

Step 2: Interviewing & Assessing:


Although benchmarking simplifies and improves the interviewing and assessment stage, it is here where hiring succeeds or fails. We ensure the latter thanks to three things: Cognition, Customization, and Coaching.


Cognition: Learning the applicant's Cognitive Colours as well as your own. By doing this, you can ask better questions, make them feel more comfortable, and dig deeper than you would normally.


Customization: Custom benchmarks create custom interview questions. The questions for each candidate will differ slightly based on their assessment responses, ensuring the most accurate and positive experience.


Coaching: With our core program, we are with you during every interview. Sometimes, we'll ask questions, sometimes, you'll ask and we'll observe. It will not only make you better at hiring, it will make you better overall.


How This Fixes Hiring:

How This Develops Leader EQ:

Step 3: Decision-Making:


'Decide' comes from the Latin words 'de' which means 'off' and 'cide' which means 'kill'. It is the act of 'killing off' potential consequences. It results in hiring the 'least problematic' applicant. By contrast, choice means 'operating from a place of preference'. Choice requires three things: Intention, Independence, and being Informed.


Intention: Staying true to what you set out to do. Leaders don't recruit in a vacuum. Things continue to happen around them. Many hire simply to get the process over with, causing problems. We keep you focused on hiring the best, not the best available.


Independence: Operating free of coercion. Decision time brings competing opinions. Past histories and power dynamics often cause people to follow others' wishes. Our selection process is driven by logic, not influence, and ensures all voices are heard.


Informed: Studying all options, and the risks and benefits of each. In contrast to a decision, a choice offers options. Using our proprietary Disconfirmation Process, all options are considered. Deliberations often include comparing two candidates, deciding whether to go back to market, or restructuring the team to eliminate hiring altogether rather than forcing a poor fit.


How This Fixes Hiring:

How This Develops Leader EQ:

Products & Pricing:


Tired of having your entire recruitment fee based exclusively on the successful candidate’s salary instead of the services you actually use? We hear you. With HireEQTM you only pay for what you need.


Start with Screening to limit the time you spend with those who are not a fit. Add Selection to have a CultureSmith expert join you in every interview. Need to outsource the entire search? Add a Sourcing package for a fraction of what traditional recruiters charge.


Screening Only

Ideal for firms with an already robust hiring process and clear hiring requirements, yet who want to preserve their team dynamic when they hire.


1) You will source and pre-screen your own candidates.

2) You will then send them a link to complete the assessments we will design for you.

3) We prepare reports that measure their Cognitive Colours and fit with your team norms, and generate custom interview questions for both.

4) You get these in easy-to-understand templates that make interviewing simpler than you ever imagined.

Total investment is $1,125 per role or unlimited hires for 12 months for $9,995 annually ($832 per month) or $925.00 monthly.


Add Selection

Designed for leaders whose hiring requirements are straightforward, but who are worried about screening and selecting the right people. This uncertainty usually leads them to pay a recruiter. However, recruiters do not possess any more tools or means than they do for assessing fit.


1) All steps from Screening retained.

2) Once candidates are selected, CultureSmith experts attend all in-person interviews.

2) Once interviews are completed, the expert facilitates decision-making sessions. As well as ensuring the right candidate is hired, this acts as the leader's primary EQ workshop.

4) Leaders are given additional online lessons to expand on the EQ topics raised. Runner-up applicants get free EQ coaching to improve their next interview.

Total investment: $5995 per role (includes screening fee) or unlimited hires for 12 months for $39,950 annually ($3,330 per month) or $4,995 monthly.


Add Sourcing

Leaders who know they need to get their role right, who want to ensure continuity, and want to widen the candidate funnel, outsource the entire search process to us.


1) All Screening and Selection steps are retained.

2) You can advertise the role through your channels with applicants directed to us for screening to enhance your recruitment brand.

3) CultureSmith will run additional ads, mine our existing network for referrals, and 'headhunt' candidates with the desired skills.

4) The CultureSmith team manages the entire candidate experience, including offer presentation and feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

5% of the base salary of the successful candidate on top of Selection Package ($5,995). Those on an annual Selection plan will only pay this 5% fee  - and will only pay it on roles CultureSmith sources applicants for.

Screening services are provided for roles at all levels. We offer Selection and Sourcing services for roles with salaries starting at $90,000 and above.


Recruiting at this level carries a hard cost of $4,500, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Using this as a benchmark, you can compare hiring on your own vs HireEQ. The toggle lets you compare us with traditional recruiters on fully outsourced hires.

Source Your Own Applicants
Agency Sourced Candidates
Do It Yourself HireEQ Traditional Recruiter
$ 4,500
$ N/A

$ 5,995
$ 10,495

$ N/A
$ 18,000
Assessments & Reports
Behaviour / Personality N/A
Team Fit N/A
Culture Fit N/A
Interview Support
Customized Interview Questions For Each Candidate N/A
Interview Rating Tool N/A
Joined By Expert In All Interviews N/A
Replacement Guarantee N/A
Develop Leader EQ N/A
Trust-Based Onboarding N/A
Earn Verified PD Hours N/A
Pay For Only What You Need N/A
Save With Subscription Option N/A

Pricing FAQs:

Interested in coaching, consulting, or training to go along with your hiring plans? Book a demo and we'll customize a full solution for you.


Many leaders tell us the most challenging part of hiring is not knowing what to ask or how to act in an interview. For them we created TruHire, designed to eliminate much of the guesswork.

Before The Interview:


Interview candidates based on their Cognitive Colour and how it aligns with your own.


Using this approach helps you formulate questions in a more empathetic way, leading to more detailed responses. This is also a great way to practice general communication and learn the Colours system faster.


During The Interview:


Hire Success = Custom Questions + Standardized Rankings. Interview questions appear on the screen, along with what to listen for. Interviewers rank applicants' responses using the same scale. Confidentiality protects interviewers from biasing one another. Decision-making begins with everyone's aggregated rankings, providing objective data to work from.


Additionally, you can offer applicants feedback on how to improve, which we use to create coaching plans for those who opt to join CareerSmith.


After The Interview:


Leadership EQ lessons learned during an interview are supported by additional lessons and activities provided in scheduled prompts.


70% of what you learn every day is lost in your subconscious within 24 hours. Research has shown that the right drip of information can disrupt this "forgetting curve".


Sign up for a free demo. As a bonus, you'll receive your LeadershipEQ profile, including your Cognitive Colour and Emotional Blindspots, just for booking.

One More Thing…

Emotional ROI


CultureSmith’s mission is to turn work into a source of emotional well-being for all people. 


It is part of our mission to ensure that every candidate who goes through the process receives some return on their investment of time and emotion - especially those who are not hired.




You help make this possible when you use HireEQTM. The feedback you provide is used to help candidates improve their communication and EQ skills.


There is a lack of feedback in many organizations, and this hiring process can offer a rare opportunity for growth for these candidates. In the event we do end up working together, please accept our thanks in advance for helping us achieve this meaningful part of our mission.