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According to Brandon Hall Research, 95% of hiring managers admit to making at least one poor hiring decision every year.


The question is, why is hiring, something all leaders do, so shockingly ineffective?


The answer comes down to two words: Bias and Noise.




Bias is a predisposition for or against something.


When bias impacts an outcome it is viewed as an error of judgement. A person's predisposition causes them to think a certain way, creating a consistent form of inaccuracy.




Noise, by comparison, is an error of procedure.


Here, differences in the steps, processes, and tools used create a randomness that creates even more inaccuracy.




The Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology states 52% of hiring managers decide whether to hire a candidate within the first 5 minutes of an interview


The rest of the hiring process becomes pure confirmation bias, as they unconsciously seek data to make them feel better about their initial snap decision.




69% of companies in the Brandon Hall Research project identified a broken interview process as having the greatest impact on the quality of a hire.


The research found that organizations who lack a standardized hiring process are five times as likely to make a bad hire.




Bias & Noise are harming your ability to hire effectively. Hiring ineffectively will harm your ability to do pretty much anything else.




Enter: HireEQTM


HireEQTM was built to improve hiring. It's not merely a way of assessing applicants to determine their level of fit within your team. It's a reformatting of the entire hiring process. It neutralizes bias and eliminates noise, resulting in more consistent and predictable hiring outcomes.

Neutralizing Bias

No one enters a hiring process looking to make a poor decision. The problem is, much of your decision-making process is unconscious. Biases are cognitive shortcuts, tools the brain uses to speed up decision-making when it feels overwhelmed. 


There are few leadership situations more overwhelming to your subconscious than hiring.


It is fully aware of the overtime, inefficiencies, unhappy customers and burnt-out staff that increase every day the role you’re hiring for remains open. It is also aware of the pressure you’re feeling to make the right call on who to hire. ‘The pain of the empty chair’ wreaks havoc on your subconscious, influencing everything from what you’ll look for in an interview, who you’ll rule in and out, and even how emotional you’ll get when finally making an offer.

As experts in emotional intelligence, we have taken the power of our WorkplaceEQTM methodology, and applied it to the hiring process. We’ll make you and your team aware of the unconscious programming influencing your decisions, and design a process to mitigate the impulsive effects it may have. 

You will never make a clearer or more evidence-based hire than you will with HireEQTM.



Eliminating Noise

Our Values-Alignment tool was designed to do one thing - help you hire people who make those you already have that much better. That’s hard to do when the only diagnostic tool at your disposal is a resume.

A Players make others better. They have the Competence for the job and the Culture-fit to enhance your team. B Players are amazing fits that just need a bit of Training to become rockstars. You don't need us to help you avoid D Players, they tend to stand out.

You do need us to identify the C Players. They look amazing on paper. They sound amazing in an interview. Within months however, your team is barely Tolerating them as they rail against your Culture. 

C Players slip through the cracks when you fail to have a proven hiring procedure. A resume is merely a reflection of Competence. Your process must also include a way to measure Culture.



The steps we guide you through

Noise is eliminated when norms are established. Every HireEQTM placement follows the exact same, science-backed process, each and every time.





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As their name would imply, CultureSmith got to know our culture intimately, then set about to share our vision and brand with the best talent available. We've hired multiple leaders with their assistance, with each one stepping in immediately to set about to make our strategy a reality. Ultimately, the leadership team CultureSmith helped us build is what allows us to makes a big impact on those we are lucky enough to serve.
Jeff Dyer

HireEQTM Enables You To:


  • Data & Insights
  • Hiring Accuracy
  • Fit With Team
  • Candidate Experience



  • Wasted Interviews
  • Hiring Anxiety
  • Turnover
  • Recruitment Costs


  • Team Performance
  • Team Cohesion
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Growth


...Each And Every Time You Hire.

What if we also told you that you could have this entire process, and the remarkable results it creates, for 1/3 of the fee charged by conventional recruiters? 

Why We can Charge



while others can't

When we first led the industry by introducing 8% full-service recruiting fees, we were told it would never work. We were told it was a 'race to the bottom'. What our critics failed to realize is that by de-risking our client's hiring process, we de-risked our own business. This is what allows us to charge what we believe is a more appropriate fee.


This becomes clear, when a few truths are revealed.

Truth: No One Has Exclusive Access to Candidates

With the proliferation of technologies such as LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter all recruiters have the same access to talent.

This increases the risk to the recruiter that a competing firm may send the same applicant on the same role, preventing them from collecting a fee.

Our Advantage:

Our value proposition is not tied to sourcing, it's tied to selection. The evidence-based methodology we use is 100% proprietary. 

Our clients recognize that finding a resume is the easy part. Determining the impact that person will have on the engagement of the team is where the true value lies. Other firms can find people just as fast as we do, they're simply unable to determine fit like we can.

Truth: It's Become a Numbers Game

The fact that talent has become open source means that speed is often what determines whether or not a recruitment firm will collect their fee.

As a result, many recruiters work to get as many resumes in front of you as fast as they can in order to "lay claim" to an applicant before another firm does.


Our Advantage:

Not only does sending several resumes 'protect the fee', it creates the illusion of choice, which activates a powerful cognitive bias. Seeing multiple resumes, with no other data points, actually increases the odds you will hire someone, regardless of fit.   

Our entire process begins by making you aware of your biases. This eliminates poor hires, decreasing your risk as well as ours.

Truth: You're Your Recruiters Biggest Risk:

Most companies engage more than one agency when they hire, and / or continue with their own hiring efforts to ensure the net is cast as wide as possible.

A belief exists that this makes firms work harder to earn their commission. In reality the increased risk they'll walk away with nothing, often has them limit their effort.

Our Advantage:

We identify fit so early in the process it removes all incentive for our clients to engage multiple avenues. 

Not only that, but our clients use us for far more than just a stack of resumes. The reporting, the on-boarding, the psychology, all of these have standalone value that becomes even more compelling when they're bundled together in one, holistic process. 

These truths mean conventional recruiters must earn their margin on the roles they fill, in order to make up for effort lost on those they don't.


They charge what they charge because they need to. We charge what we charge because we get to.



To learn more about the struggles conventional recruiters face, and the impact this has on you, download The 7 Truths Recruiting Firms Would Rather You Not Know!

Better. More Cost Effective. Just as fast.

We've not only applied the science of employee engagement to create our model, we've invested in the technology and processes to apply that science efficiently. You do not need to sacrifice speed for accuracy. We can have you from benchmarking to assessments, to interviews, to offer, in mere days. With HireEQTM you can Find Fit Fast.

You now have a choice. You can hire the way you always have and let bias and noise continue to play major roles, or you can improve your hiring-EQ.


Just remember:


of ALL employee turnover is a result of poor hiring decisions. (Harvard Business Review)


is the average cost for every poor hire a company makes. (CareerBuilder)


is the average cost for every GOOD hire that leaves as a result of making a poor hire. (CareerBuilder)

The reason you hire is to fill a vacancy. The purpose of hiring must be to protect the culture you've built. If you're ready to start 'hiring on purpose', talk to us about your current or pending hire today.