Distortion creates uncertain,disengaged,unpredictable,failed teams.

Take your team from a place of volatility to predictability in a matter of weeks, by installing the framework built for leaders and backed by science.

An Unprecedented Opportunity For An Unprecedented Time. 

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Picture the last time a member of your team failed to deliver on something for you due to a simple misunderstanding. Were they incompetent? Were you not clear? Or perhaps, something just got lost in translation. 


Poor communication to and between employees costs the average small business, $42,000 per employee, per year. For established organizations, the costs balloon to $62.4 million per year. The more people you have, the greater the odds of miscommunication and the greater the costs associated.


And all this was before the pandemic.


Virtual teams have proven to experience less effective communication and faster conflict escalation than face-to-face teams. Despite this, over 40% of the current workforce claims they would rather quit their current job than be forced to return to the office as restrictions begin to lift.


This has leaders in an unprecedented predicament. Do you allow remote work to continue, risking the challenges and costs associated with poor communication? Or do you ask your people to return, risking exposure to what experts are referring to as The Great Resignation?


Those focused on getting the answer to this question 'right' will quickly find themselves falling behind. Those who focus on creating cultures that drive engagement, productivity and effective communication no matter where their people are located, will own the next decade.


If you wish to be part of the latter group, you need to fundamentally understand distortion.

Distortion (noun) di-stor-shun: the act of twisting or altering something out of its true, natural, or original state.


From an organizational effectiveness standpoint, distortion does not happen accidentally. It is a measured phenomenon with three distinct elements:


Noise (Learn More)

Noise is an error of procedure.

Differences in the steps, processes, and techniques used, creates variability in decisions that should otherwise be consistent across a team.

Noise creates random distortion given the level of uncertainty created by a lack of norms.


Bias (Learn More)

Bias is an error of judgement.

Here, individuals hold a predisposition for or against something, and tend to hold onto those notions, even in the face of contrary evidence.

Bias creates consistent distortion given how persistently individuals use their preconceptions to guide their decisions.


Signal (Learn More)

Signal is an error of messaging.

Successfully eliminate Noise and Bias and your team becomes a ‘superconductor’ for information. Messages pass freely through a team with no interference to stop them. The only problem, is poor messages are allowed to travel just as fast as strong ones.

Signal creates situational distortion when leaders fail to ‘read the room’ when providing direction.

Addressing any one of these elements without the expertise to do so is difficult enough on this own, let alone trying to tackle all three at the same time. 


The good news is, you no longer need to go it alone.


The even better news is, you no longer need to pay for it on your own either.


The Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) was established to help Alberta-based organizations access the training they need to make their companies more resilient and higher-performing. Our Forging Leadership Communication program, detailed below, not only eliminates distortion within teams, it meets the standard training provider requirements within the CAJG.


With reports of Alberta leading the nation’s post-pandemic recovery, now is the time to claim your portion of these funds, and apply them toward the type of training that will not only aid you in your own recovery, but your long term growth as well.

Grant Requirements:


A copy of the Job Grant Applicant Guide, detailing full eligibility requirements can be found here.


Below is a breakdown of the eligibility requirements of both the training provider and the training itself, along with how CultureSmith Inc. and the Forging Leadership Communication Program align: 



  • Training must meet or exceed 21 trainer instructional hours;

Forging Leadership contains over 40 total hours of instruction.

  • Training must be provided by an Alberta based trainer;

CultureSmith Inc. is owned and operated out of Calgary, Alberta.

  • Training must be a main business activity of the training provider;

Leadership and EQ Training are our core business. 

  • Training rates and course descriptions must be posted on a publically accessible area on the training provider's website;

Full course curriculum and pricing is listed later on this page.

  • Qualified instructors should have relevant education and experience directly related to the type of training;

100% of Forging Leadership Training is facilitated by CultureSmith CEO Shane Wallace, whose bio & credentials are listed below.

  • Training must result in some form of credential;

We issue credentials for all who complete the training, including number of hours completed. This has the added benefit of meeting the standard for Verifiable Professional Development hours for those who hold designations through CPA Alberta or APEGA.


The Curriculum 


Forging Leadership Communication is broken into three phases, one to address each of the three elements of distortion.


Each phase is further broken into three stages, with each stage delivering three lessons. The result is a 27-point plan that will enable you to Eliminate Noise, Neutralize Bias and Amplify Signal, creating leadership communication that can be used to solve any issue your organization may be experiencing.


Below are descriptions of each phase and stage. Course descriptions can be accessed by clicking the drop down menu within each individual stage.


Phase 1: Eliminating Noise

Noise is eliminated once norms are established.

Psychological Safety defines the norms by which teams align on a shared purpose, give and receive feedback, and ensure healthy conflict.

To eliminate Noise completely, this level of safety must be established at an Organizational level.


During Phase 1, your team will shift from Ambiguity to Alignment. You will experience increases in team cohesion, feedback and decision-making velocity, while noticing decreases in organizational silos and unnecessary conflict. This is achieved through instruction in the following three modules:



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Phase 2: Neutralizing Bias

Bias is neutralized once blindspots are known.

Emotional Intelligence removes these blindspots by increasing one’s awareness of them. This allows people to better regulate their behaviour, and practice empathy with those around them.

Given the uniqueness of each person’s own biases, emotional intelligence must be taught at an Individual level.


During Phase 2, your team will shift from Reactionary to Reflective. You will experience increases in task ownership, impulse control and group understanding, while noticing decreases in passive-agressive behaviour and emotional hijacks. This is achieved through instruction in the following three modules:








Phase 3: Amplifying Signal

Signals become amplified when senders become attuned.

Servant Leaders exclusively focus on meeting the needs of their followers so their followers may better meet the needs of the organization.

Followers’ needs are vast and unique, requiring messaging tuned to each situation. This is why the final phase is dedicated entirely to the Leadership level.


During Phase 3, your leadership team will shift from Managers to true Leaders. You will experience organization-wide increases in trust and accountability, while noticing decreases in defensiveness, insecurity and apathy. This is achieved through instruction in the following three modules:









Job Satisfaction & Commitment

Disengaged employees stay for what the get. Engaged employees stay for what they give.

Completing all nine stages, creates the type of company that people feel compelled to work for. Your team will experience increased organizational commitment and decreased turnover thanks to natural improvement in the three psychological factors that drive job satisfaction:

Short-Term Training That Delivers Long-Term Sustainability


The impact of this training is felt long after it ends, thanks to the 'flywheel' upon which the curriculum is based.

A flywheel generates energy as it spins. The larger it is, the less friction it faces, and the faster it spins, the more energy is stored to be used later.

Eliminating Noise by installing Psychological Safety at the Organizational Level ensures the needs of the organization are always clear. 

Neutralizing Bias by growing EQ at the Individual Level ensures your team interprets those needs as they are, not as they wish them to be.

Amplifying Signal by creating Servant Leaders at the Leadership Level ensures the right message is being sent in every situation.

Friction is removed, speed is increased, and the enterprise grows. Work becomes a place where people go to have their energy renewed instead of depleted.



About Your Instructor

Shane Wallace is the Founder & CEO of CultureSmith Inc. 

A 22 year veteran of the Executive Recruitment and Coaching industry, Shane has worked with everything from bootstrapped startups to Fortune 100 Firms, helping their leaders get the most from their teams.

As the chief architect of the Forging Leadership Communication Program, much of the curriculum was developed as part of his Masters in Leadership Psychology through Penn State University. 

These concepts have been simplified, streamlined and made practical, offering your team exposure to a master's level education, without the overwhelm. 




ROE: Return on Engagement

The cost of the program is $23,085.00. The CAJG reduces the net cost to $7,695.00

Payment terms and class scheduling are negotiable as long both still meet CAJG guidelines.


*(For a detailed calculation using your company's exact figures, book a call here)

Using data from Gallup's State of the Global Workplace, the cost of low engagement on turnover, absenteeism and revenue loss can be calculated based on headcount.


The gross cost of our program pales in comparison to these figures, and the net cost makes the program even more compelling.

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