Emotionally Intelligent coaching for executives who want more from their emotions.



Communication Breakdowns? Emotional Meltdowns? Performance Letdowns? Leadership Is Complex. Let Us Simplify It. Learn To Read Patterns, Apply The Right Moves, And Solve The Unsolvable.

Overcome complexity for good.


Does your average day feel like you’re solving a Rubik’s Cube that’s missing pieces - using one hand - while blindfolded - and walking a tightrope? Give us 15 minutes. We’ll have you solving problems like a pro. No hook. No gimmick. Just kindred spirits who’ve been where you are - and developed the way out.

Embrace Leadership

Develop Followers

Navigate Situations

Your expertise and work ethic have made you a leader. As you advanced, the workplace changed. The issues you solve are emotional. The leadership models you inherited weren't designed for that. These outdated tools no longer serve you, your followers, nor your company.


Our executive coaching program helps leaders resolve this dilemma. The key is to understand leadership as a process. An interaction between a leader, a follower, and a situation. Our aim is to reveal and help remove the unconscious constraints within each of these groups. As a result, you are able to master the challenging interpersonal landscape of the modern leader with both awareness and ability.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is constraint-based coaching?


Many leaders feel stuck and don't know why. Nothing is 'wrong', but they feel off. Unchecked, this spirals into one of three vicious cycles.

The Vicious Cycles 


Intensification: Attempts to understand what's wrong lead to an echo chamber, speeding their descent down a rabbit hole. Overcorrection: Breaking out of a rut by moving aggressively in the opposite direction. Polarization: The inability to let go of arguments with others stuck in their own ruts.


A constraint is a limiting factor that hinders progress or freedom. A constraint is also a well-defined boundary that guides efforts and enhances results. We know how and when to use both to get leaders unstuck, and keep them that way.


The Constraints We Remove:

Emotional Constraints


Even today, emotions contain coded instructions to fight, flee, or freeze. Emotion becomes a constraint when the leader cannot crack this code. The routine emotional challenges they face lead to poor behaviour that impacts team dynamics and bias that impacts critical decisions.


We ensure every emotion felt becomes an emotion understood. Our system contains a common sense approach to growing emotional literacy. Leaders can venture into more challenging and more rewarding situations once literacy becomes fluency.


Cognitive Constraints


60% of our daily decisions are outsourced to habits. Habits become constraints when leaders receive feedback and commit to change, only to find that these ingrained routines make it difficult to keep that promise.


Our Cognitive Colours system helps leaders identify their hard-coded tendencies. It also helps them understand others' hard-coded tendencies. To make someone feel heard when they offer feedback, your behaviour must change in ways they can see and understand.


Identity Constraints


The strongest element of personality is identity. It’s the part of you that recognizes that no matter how much change or growth you’ve experienced, you are still the same person. It becomes a constraint when the behaviour required to do something new does not align with who you see yourself to be.


Identity is based on belief. A belief is a truth backed by subjective evidence. Subjective means it isn't a certainty. During live coaching sessions, we help leaders examine their beliefs in a safe but challenging environment. We help them see which ones are limiting them, and the alternatives that may liberate them.


The Constraints We Reinforce:

Relational Constraints


The need for approval. The need for control. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. These four motives drive all human behaviour. Unmet needs or unmitigated fears in one person can strain a relationship.


You’ll learn how assumptions, boundaries, expectations, and dynamics act as healthy constraints on the relationship, preventing both parties from acting based on fear or need and later regretting it.


Group Constraints


All of us have sped. Part of what makes it common is the fact that everyone else on the road is doing it. Think about how uncomfortable you would feel if every car on the road did the speed limit, and you were the only one who wasn't. Yes, you might speed, but you'd feel some tension.


That tension comes from social norms. Our team coaching program identifies these within your group. During coaching sessions, we reinforce them by teaching you how to give feedback to one another. It is the most evidence-based way for "work groups" to become teams.


Leaders who approach us for coaching are often tense, fearing they have some trait that is derailing their leadership. They're flourishing weeks later after learning the real problem was simply a lack of tools robust enough to deal with constant change. Book your free coaching demo to learn what they did.


Are We right For You?


Need help navigating the emotional complexity of leadership? 


Below are the most common issues we treat. In each, you'll find the unseen constraints within leaders and followers that precipitate them, and the situations that bring them to a head.


Are You Right For Us?


If you feel we can help you, odds are you're right. Our model has helped leaders overcome countless emotional challenges since 2014. One of the reasons for that success is we are very intentional in how we select the leaders we work with.


We are on a mission to turn work into a source of emotional well-being for all people. As a result, we limit our coaching engagements, working only with those whose leadership philosophy aligns with our own. That philosophy is best expressed through our 5 daily commitments:


I Will Never Allow Anyone To Be Humiliated In My Presence:


Intervening when we see it isn't enough. We must address those engaging in humiliation, without humiliating them. Shame cannot be cured through shame.


I Will Never Attach A Person’s Worth To An Outcome.


To prevent the narrowing of a person's self-worth, both praise and feedback must be given on the choices that lead to outcomes - never the outcomes themselves.


I Will Never Begin A Response To Someone With The Words ‘No’, ‘But’, or ‘However’.


As leaders, we invalidate a person when we use any of these words first. If the person is wrong, our job is to educate them. All these words reveal is a leader's insecure need to be right.


I Acknowledge I Am The Most Influential Yet Least Important Person In Any Room I’m In.


A leader's presence in a room changes the gravity in that room. Everyone changes when the boss is there, regardless of how the boss behaves. Placing others first creates power equity.


I Will Never Test Another By Asking Questions I Already Have Answers To.


Always be forthright. Be forthright in all ways. Testing people like this is never done to make them better. It’s done to make the leader feel better about them.


We unapologetically support the principles of servant leadership. It has made our lives and business immeasurably better. If you’d like a coach who can help unlock the same for you - book a demo now.

Our Process:


Here is what you can expect at every step along the way.

Initial Intake


Establishing a baseline and identifying growth areas is the first step. With access to over a dozen psychometrics, we can build a custom battery of assessments based on your needs. We will also integrate 360-degree reviews and cognitive and emotional questions from your coach as needed.


You will receive a full breakdown of your current state along with the recommended coaching path to follow.


Your daily ‘remind’er


We designed ReMindTM to support you between coaching sessions. It lets you set daily goals, rate your performance, and even send a note to an accountability partner to keep you on track.


Most importantly, this is where you'll record your emotions as they happen. You'll receive instant guidance on what the mood is, what it is trying to teach you, and how to prevent it from derailing your progress. You and your coach will mine this data for even deeper insights into your environment and other triggers during live coaching sessions. See more on ReMind below.


Navigate your day


Next comes the simplest part of the process - go feel stuff.


You cannot learn to regulate an emotion you do not allow yourself to feel. It is essential that you move about your day as you normally would. The process works by taking the normal tensions and triggers of leadership, and using those as precious windows into your subconscious. That doesn't happen if you alter your routine.


911’s and 411’s


When you hit a roadblock that you don't know how to navigate, book a 'micro-coaching' session through ReMind. It links to your coach's calendar allowing you to set a 15 min phone or Zoom call to help deal with the trigger.


For less urgent issues, you can explore the self-directed exercises and emotional intelligence frameworks contained within it as well.


Data-driven disconfirmation


The ReMindTM data enhances your live coaching sessions.


Emerging trends and patterns reveal constraints that may be holding you back. We then use our expertise to help you eliminate those constraints by disconfirming the limiting beliefs that support them. Behaviours that better serve your long-term interests are established, and the entire process repeats. Each cycle creates a new level of self-awareness and growth.


Packages & Pricing: 


Presently we offer ExecutiveEQ one of three ways:


Sprint [Individual]

A 90 or 180-day ‘sprint’ designed to address defined limitations a leader wishes to overcome.

Program includes:

1) Intake session to determine focus of sprint.

2) ReMind web-tool customized to the leader.

3) Unlimited ‘Micro-Coaching’ calls during the sprint.

4) Coaching session each 90 days to measure progress and determine if future coaching is needed.

Total Investment:

90-day Sprint: $3,925

180-day Sprint $6,950


Transformation [Individual]

Ongoing, high-touch, high-intensity coaching for leaders looking to significantly transform their behaviours, and their teams.

Program Includes:

1) Intake Session

2) ReMind web-tool

3) Daily access to coach both through and outside the ReMind tool.

4) Monthly one-on-one sessions.

5) FamilySmith - the entire CultureSmith suite of tools applied to the home.

Total Investment:

$3,925 per month billed monthly

$2,875 per month billed annually


Belonging [Team]

Ongoing monthly or quarterly team coaching sessions designed to turn work groups into authentic teams.

Program Includes:

1) We attend and observe your existing leadership meetings.

2) Observations are used to improve team cohesion, trust, communication and psychological safety.

3) All leaders receive ReMind web-tool, along with unlimited ‘micro-coaching’ sessions booked through the application.

4) Monthly and quarterly cadences available.

Total Investment:

$2,475 per month billed monthly

$1,850 per month billed annually

$5,475 per quarter billed quarterly

$4,125 per quarter billed annually

Pricing FAQs:

To get a comprehensive breakdown of how ExecutiveEQ fits into our other services, and the discounts that would apply as a result, book a free demo below.



As mentioned, regardless of which program you choose, all participants get their own fully customized Remind web tool. Here is just a taste of what it offers.

Difference-Making Goal-Setting 


Once you set your goals for the day, ReMind asks you to choose how they make you feel.


Based on the mood chosen, and your unique Cognitive Colour the most likely reasons why you won’t hit those goals are revealed allow you to take preventative action. 


Mood Matters


You don’t need to be setting goals to check your mood. Happy, sad, mad or indifferent, you are 30 seconds away from learning what your emotions are trying to tell you…and why you should listen.


Communicate With Confidence


Remind also contains a Conscious Communication function.


Enter your Cognitive Colour along with the person you need to communicate with. Choose whether you are giving them feedback or persuading them to do something. Then watch as Remind tells you the best way to approach them.


Founders With Families


Our CEO works with Founders enrolled in a Transformation package who also have families to establish their family norms. It’s the entire CultureSmith methodology, applied to the home.


Those founders then have a ‘reset’ function added to their ReMind that helps them adopt the norms of home - before they get home.


There are two things we know to be true. First, none of us can avoid the overwhelm, anxiety, and uncertainty that come with leadership.


Second, there is no universe where you wouldn't want to be a leader. If you think we’ve got what you need to make the ride even a tiny bit less taxing, we’d love to hear from you.