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Learn how to turn emotion into your team’s unfair advantage.


Interpreting emotions can be like decoding an encrypted message - complex and confusing. We've cracked the code with MoodSwingTM. By understanding how emotions influence behavior, you can recognize and regulate them. We identify the underlying causes of emotional triggers and offer ways that you can counteract them, transforming the way that you handle stress and manage conflict.

Join the emotional intelligence revolution. Enhance your team's communication, resilience and overall wellbeing. Request your free demo of MoodSwing™ today.

Evolution designed emotion to serve two purposes: preparation and information. Each emotion prepares the body to act in a specific way. Each also conveys a lot of information quickly. Kind of like how placing FAQs at the top of the page can prepare you by giving you the information you need without hunting for it.


Identify, Manage, AND Leverage Emotion WITH A Simple TOOL.


The complexity and volume of work are increasing, which makes emotional stress and instability a common struggle for leaders. MoodSwing is your solution. Using this tool, you and your team will be able to decipher the 'code' of selected emotions, helping you manage your emotions more effectively. When it comes to managing others' actions or inactions or adjusting to shifts in task complexity or volume, MoodSwing gives you the insights you need to foster a healthy work environment. Here are a few of its benefits:

Understand Emotion’s ‘Code’ With Semantic Properties:


Discover the emotions within your expanding organization based on distinct properties, effectively addressing behavioural shifts.


With MoodSwingTM, emotions are translated into a "code," providing an understandable guide to what each emotion means and how it influences behavior. By gaining insights into how emotions drive your team's actions, you can align your growing staff and leadership in tangible ways. Imagine a collaborative workplace where every emotion drives your team forward and how much lost potential could be recaptured.


Regulate Emotional Responses With Emotional Literacy:


Enhance emotional awareness and regulation within your fast-evolving organization by empowering your team to recognize and interpret emotions.


The Emotional Literacy tool within MoodSwingTM  simplifies complex emotions into common-sense language, creating a shared emotional language for your team. Build a cohesive environment, even during times of chaos and change, by nurturing an emotionally literate organization. Are you missing opportunities or escalating conflicts due tomisread emotions? Consider how emotional literacy could boost your workplace's efficiency and harmony.


Reshape Your Organizational Climate With Causal Agents:


Take control of cultural shifts during periods of intense growth or leadership change by understanding the root causes of emotions.


MoodSwingTM identifies emotional triggers, such as changes in task complexity or volume. It then describes the most likely negative coping and adaptive behaviors your team will use. By training your leaders what to look for, you can enhance your organization's emotional resilience. Stress and confusion are caused by unknown emotions. Imagine what your company could accomplish if it understood them better.


Want to read emotions like a pro? Learn how to turn emotion into your company's unfair advantage and receive a free Daily Emotional "check-in" tool as our gift when you claim a free Demo today.

How It Works:

You're three simple steps away from leveraging emotion to enhance everything from building your culture to hiring the right people, and so much more:

1: Identify:

Your emotions are not random; they're signals, and we help you tune into them. Finding an emotion that resonates with you is the first step. A curated list of moods describes your present emotion, offering a precise way to describe what you're experiencing. Each emotion has its own "code." Identifying your specific mood is the first step toward understanding this code, which is the first step toward understanding yourself.


2: Understand:

Emotions are more than feelings; they're designed to prepare you for life's challenges. This is explained in simple terms, covering both physical and behavioral characteristics. What sparked this emotion? We'll tell you the causal agent so you know what's happening and why. With 81 unique combinations, we simplify the complex world of emotions into something you can make sense of, giving you insights into what motivates you to react how you do.


3: Regulate:

Now that you understand your emotion, we'll teach you how to override it, empowering you to act positively. Others can feel your emotions. We help you prevent negative emotional chain reactions, turning potential problems into opportunities. We collect and analyze all this information to create a more positive environment, preventing recurring issues caused by negative emotions.


Your choice: Control Your Emotions, or let them control you.

When they can identify, understand, and regulate their emotions, your team is prepared for anything you throw their way. Book your demo to get started.

How It’s Used:

MoodSwingTM transforms workplaces into emotionally intelligent ecosystems. In their quest to create a supportive, emotionally-balanced work environment, leaders across industries use it to decode behavioural patterns, create emotionally-resilient cultures, and make better hiring decisions.

Develop Leadership EQ

Learn To Think AND Feel Like A Leader:


Unresolved emotions can lead you astray. Your emotional responses can undermine leadership effectiveness if you don't know what triggers them. LeaderEQTM uses MoodSwingTM to usher in a new era of leadership.


Discover your emotions' hidden influence. Learn how they shape your behaviour and affect others. Create a trusting, understanding environment, and drive your team towards success. [Learn More].


Culture Building:

When Workshops Stop Working.


Unrecognized emotions can erode teamwork. Culture-building initiatives typically ignore the fundamental role emotional triggers play in team dynamics, leading to mistrust and misunderstanding..


MoodSwingTM breaks all-new ground in creating culture. Be aware of your team's emotional landscape. Turn emotions into tools for cohesion and performance. Create a culture where everyone can channel their emotions toward a shared vision. [Learn More].


Hiring Solutions:

Emotion Drives Decisions.


It's costly to hire without considering emotional patterns. Without understanding emotional triggers - both in those you hire and in your decision to hire them - culture and productivity are at risk.


MoodSwingTM revolutionizes hiring. Hire for emotional compatibility and adaptability. You can avoid costly hiring mistakes, preserve your culture, and hire candidates who align emotionally with your team. [Learn More].


Maximizing Potential:


MoodSwingTM has been used for years to improve emotional intelligence, reshape cultures, and improve hiring. Now, leaders such as yourself use it to resolve an even wider range of leadership challenges, including:

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We've cracked the code on emotions at work. Leaders ourselves, we’ve faced the same challenges as you. In fact, we first created MoodSwingTM to help ourselves cope with our own daily struggles. It's how we know it's a true game-changer. We'd like to share all we've learned with you. Book your free demo today.