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Develop unprecedented self-awareness, unbeatable empathy, and unwavering accountability.


Mastering emotionally intelligent leadership is equal parts art & science. LeadershipEQTM helps you master both. You'll learn the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence, equipping you to navigate complex team dynamics, foster a culture of trust and esteem, and promote accountability.

Embrace the new era of leadership. Discover how emotional intelligence transforms leadership, unlocking team dynamics that deliver results. Start your LeadershipEQ journey with a free demo today.

We help leaders eliminate guesswork when understanding why their people do what they do. It's also why we put FAQs at the top of every page. To eliminate guesswork about why and what we do.

Lead, Develop, AND Mentor better by understanding emotion.


In a world where rapid expansion and the addition of new staff present constant challenges, increased interpersonal conflicts, and the risk of derailment, LeadershipEQ provides invaluable support.


Our four-session program helps you better manage your own emotions and behaviours, while establishing a culture of trust. We empower you to lead with integrity and confidence, whether it's aligning your team with your organizational vision or instilling a real sense of belonging. Here's a small sample of what to expect:

Create Trust-Based Accountability:


LeadershipEQTM unlocks the actual mechanics of trust, making accountability a tangible process within your growing company.


Your team learns to prioritize behavior over mere deliverables through guided sessions on Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation. You'll develop an organizational culture that aligns with your vision by cultivating a cooperative, trustworthy team. With trust-based accountability, how many missed opportunities, misunderstandings, or conflicts could you have avoided this year alone?



Ensure Psychological Safety:


You can create a workplace where everyone feels safe to speak their minds, take risks, and fully engage, without fear of criticism.


Self-Awareness and Empathy sessions empower leaders to foster a culture of psychological safety by understanding emotional triggers and reactions. Allow your employees to feel safe and valued, even during periods of rapid change and expansion. How much potential remains untapped in your teams because of low safety? Imagine the breakthroughs waiting to happen when your team can freely express and explore ideas.


Navigate Complex Team Dynamics


With LeadershipEQTM you can manage teams, aligning actions with shared goals, even in turbulent growth phases.


You will learn how to navigate various cognitive traits and emotional complexities through all four sessions focusing on Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Empathy, and Accountability. Master the art of leading diverse and evolving teams, harmonizing different personalities and perspectives, and driving efficiency. Think of the time and energy lost to miscommunication and tension. Imagine the productivity you could achieve by navigating dynamic relationships more simply.


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Program Overview:

LeadershipEQTM is an immersive leadership development journey composed of four guided sessions, each focused on a core pillar of Emotional Intelligence:

1: Self-Awareness:


Imagine a map of your emotions. Session 1: Self-Awareness, helps you understand what makes you tick by digging into your emotional DNA. With a focus on growth and learning over achievement, you reduce stress and boost your self-esteem. It's about turning down the noise about what others think and tuning into your true self. When you do this, you lead with confidence.


2: Self-Regulation:


Ever wish you could pause a reaction? Session 2: Self-Regulation, helps you understand your feelings and better handle them. You'll learn the difference between guiding and punishing, creating a culture of respect. It's like strengthening the glue for your team. With more control, you can lead with more heart and less judgment.


3: Empathy:


Empathy isn't a word; it's a leadership superpower. You'll learn to truly understand others and what drives them. Imagine what's possible if you felt what others felt. By enhancing empathy, you build bridges and break down walls. The goal is to create a supportive team. When you lead with empathy, you lead with strength


4: Accountability


Accountability teaches you to be a master of responsibility, not only for tasks but also for people's development. Instead of focusing on whether your team won or lost, you'll focus on how far they have come. It's about growing trust and respect. With clear responsibility and understanding, your leadership becomes a beacon of integrity.


3 & 30


All LeadershipEQTM sessions follow our proprietary 3 & 30 model - a 3 hour, professionally guided facilitation, followed by 30 days of tailored self-directed work. Key concepts are presented in an expert manner to ensure understanding. Learning through self-directed push notifications ensures repetition, leading to retention, without disrupting the learner's workflow. It's the perfect blend of content and delivery.


There’s Nothing Artificial About Emotional Intelligence.

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The Tools That Power LeadershipEQTM

Many organizations support our mission to turn workplaces into hubs of emotional wellbeing. The first step for most is LeadershipEQTM. The program's success can be attributed to our five decades of collective experience and expertise, which have resulted in the following tools that make the program work:

The Cognitive Colours


The Cognitive Colours provide leaders with a more accurate picture of their team members' behaviours, habits, coping mechanisms, communication preferences, and conflict tendencies. This tool drives self-awareness and empathy within the LeadershipEQ program, which allows leaders to predict and shape their team's behavior. [Learn More].


Uncommon Norms


LeadershipEQ's Uncommon Norms helps you define what teamwork means in your organization by identifying behaviours that seem positive but hold you back. With this revolutionary approach, you'll be able to pinpoint and counter hidden roadblocks. The result? A leadership style that goes beyond superficial feedback, allowing you to coach and correct behavior that leads to the organization's success. [Learn More].


Uncommon Competencies


Uncommon CompetenciesTM is a dynamic toolkit designed to cultivate 36 essential "future of work" skills within your organization, all aligned with your long-term vision. Leaders will learn how to administer a structured, laddered approach to employee development. This will result in teams that are driven by "what they give" rather than "what they get". No more pressure to raise salaries or mediate conflicts. This is about creating a cohesive team that surpasses expectations and adds substantial value to your organization. [Learn More].




LeadershipEQTM uses our proprietary MoodSwingTM methodology to decode the underlying emotions that drive your team's behavior. Why simply manage emotions when you can use them as a strategic asset? MoodSwingTM allows leaders to prevent unforced interpersonal issues, constantly shaping a positive work environment. The payoff is substantial, as you will establish a culture of trust and accountability. [Learn More].


Did You Know?

Leadership is affected by evolutionary biology more than many realize. Our brains are wired to use emotion as a trigger, automating our response to threats. Workplaces are mazes of social threats leaders navigate with brains designed to survive physical emergencies. LeadershipEQ teaches you how to stop fighting the brain's need for safety and how to start leveraging it.



Pricing Options & Guarantee:

Individual Session

Choose Any Of Our 4 Sessions


per session / per team

Includes Professional 3-hour Live Facilitation.

30 Days Self-Directed Learning For All Leaders.

Cognitive Colours Reporting for up to 10 Leaders.

$195.00 per additional report above 10.

Full LeadershipEQ Program

Delivered Monthly For 4 Months


total cost

Includes all tools & features from individual sessions.

Billed in 4 monthly instalments of $4,875 ($4,480 in total savings)

Includes unlimited 15-min ‘micro-coaching’ sessions as needed.

Ensures continuity of learning and access to CultureSmith expert coaches for your entire leadership team.


Best Value

Pre-Pay Option

Full Program At Best Possible Price.


one-time fee

$9,480 in total savings over booking individual sessions.

Earn priority scheduling and access to coaches.

You should only pay for what you need. It's why we offer transparent pricing. Each session of LeadershipEQTM is designed to be offered as a standalone program. Bundle all 4 - receive a discount. Take advantage of our pre-pay option - receive another discount. We not only empower your leadership, we empower you to buy down your rate. We also guarantee results.

We know that promises are not enough; you need results you can trust. So, we turned to the source, asking leaders across various fields what outcomes they needed from us to believe in our service. The answer was loud and clear: Reduced Conflict, Improved Communication, and Enhanced Leadership Development.


We didn't stop there. Using our expert knowledge, we engineered our training to address the behaviours that create roadblocks, ensuring that you achieve more than just education.


How confident are we? If these guaranteed outcomes do not materialize when you follow the behaviours we recommend, you'll receive a full refund. Not only that, we will continue to work for free until these outcomes are achieved. Then only risk you face, is not taking action by booking a demo today.