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Develop & refine core skills, foster unparalleled growth, and achieve peak performance with ease.


Many believe talent is innate - you have it or you don't. We know better. Uncommon CompetenciesTM uses an innovative approach, identifying the 36 competencies essential for the ‘future of work’. We then provide guidance on how to master each based on observable behaviours. Building a skilled team tailored to the needs of your organization has never been easier or more predictable.

Embrace the new age of talent development with us. Watch as your teams transform, driving exceptional results with skills cultivated to their highest potential. Request your free demo of Uncommon Competencies™ today.

We know the power of questions when developing and shaping changes in behavior. It sparks curiosity, reduces bias, and deepens learning. It's just one of the reasons we put our FAQs at the top of every page - to help you determine if we are the right fit to change your team's behavior.



As businesses evolve and teams expand, skills gaps emerge in even the most talented team, presenting an increased risk of conflict, underperformance and turnover. Enter the Uncommon Competencies. This exclusive model examines and develops 36 core workplace competencies, enhancing your team's overall performance and resilience. Whether it's strengthening current skills, adding new capabilities, or generally improving performance, Uncommon CompetenciesTM equips you with the tools to develop and evaluate competencies with clarity and precision. Let's look at some ways it can help you:

Build Complementary Teams With Role Evaluations:


In a growing organization filled with diverse and talented minds, collaboration requires a strategic approach. There's no denying that rapid expansion creates tension. Talented and diverse people are eager to contribute. Without the right structure, a flurry of miscommunication and conflict ensues. Uncommon CompetenciesTM was created for this purpose.


Imagine the person who insists on results, but steamrolls others to get them. Or the person who innovates and breaksevery process along the way. By taking your shared vision of the future and breaking it down into the individual competencies needed for each role to contribute, Uncommon CompetenciesTM harmonizes everyone's efforts, instilling a sense of shared responsibility, combining your talent rather than dividing it.


Always Expand In All Ways With Deep Practice:


Identifying the skills you need is only half the battle. Your emerging talent will stagnate without a proven method of developing those skills. Your finest people run the risk of being lured away by development opportunities elsewhere. This is where Uncommon Competencies truly offer value.


Competencies are evaluated on a developmental scale from the ability to recall basic information to the ability to create entire concepts from scratch. In addition, the scientific principle of deep practice clearly explains how to get from level to level. Like building a muscle, deep practice helps people "train to failure" so that skills can be converted into abilities, and abilities into competencies that can be applied across disciplines. Your organization gets the output it needs, and your people get the development they deserve.


Performance Management Made Manageable With Observable Behaviours:


Harvard professor Amy Edmondson says employees are forced to collaborate 50% more than ever before. She argues that almost everything of value in the modern economy is the result of interdependent actions and decisions. Simply put, skills no longer cut it.


Traditionally, performance management has been largely pass or fail. Either people hit their numbers or they don't. That no longer works. When top performers ignore how their performance impacts those downstream, team performance can suffer. We remove subjectivity from performance reviews by breaking competencies into observable behaviors. It frees them from metric-driven nightmares and allows peer feedback in real-time, correcting behaviour instantly. How many days of performance have annual reviews cost you?


Ready to replace skills with competencies? Get a free competency assessment for any role in your organization when you book a Free Demo. It’s the best way to discover Uncommon NormsTM's growth-enhancing power for yourself.

How It Works:

In three easy steps, you can discover the competencies that make your team magical:

1: Determine Competencies:

To begin, we will meet with your leaders to determine what is most important to the organization. From 36 core workplace competencies, we carefully select the eight that will most contribute to the success of the role, ensuring that every move aligns with your strategic objectives. With our focused approach, we build a foundation for growth and success that fits your team like a glove, mapping out the essential competencies required to thrive.


2: Align Behaviours:

Next, we translate these vital competencies into observable behaviors, establishing an easy-to-understand link between skills and success. These behaviors aren't just actions; they're the DNA of your culture, embedded in every task, ensuring your organizational identity shines through every day. Identifying behaviors that support or dilute your culture helps you protect your company's long-term value by protecting its distinctiveness.


3: Deep Practice:

Lastly, we break down competencies into manageable chunks so they can be practiced intensely. Mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities that lead to growth. As you practice, you become adaptable and refine your skills, resulting in true mastery. It's more than training; it's a guided, evidence-based journey that turns potential into excellence one competency at a time.


Stop Chasing Skills. Start Building Talent.

Schedule a demo call and learn how Uncommon CompetenciesTM can bring an entirely new dimension to how you build your team.

How It’s Used:

We believe Uncommon CompetenciesTM can contribute significantly to the transformation of workplaces into hubs of emotional wellbeing. Leaders across industries trust us to use this tool to simplify emotional intelligence, create cultures aligned with a single purpose, and to reduce their hiring risks as they grow.

Develop Leadership EQ

Mastering The Skills of Leadership:


Most leadership development programs focus on broad categories of leadership skills rather than competencies tailored to specific organizational needs. As leaders try to apply the skills they've learned, they end up overwhelmed and unable to maximize their potential.


LeadershipEQ allows you to take the reins of your leadership journey. Our 36 core competencies will help you become a better leader. You will build long-term value and cultivate a thriving culture by mastering each competency. [Learn More].


Culture Building:

Build The Skills That Build Teams.


Most team building initiatives only scratch the surface, failing to address individual competencies and their impact on team performance.


Create a growth-centric culture with Uncommon Competencies. Learn how our 36 core competencies can shape your organization's culture by identifying and encouraging behaviours that align with your team's norms, leading to long-term success.. [Learn More].


Hiring Solutions:

Moving Beyond The Resume.


Traditional hiring methods fall short, missing crucial insights into a candidate's competencies and how they contribute to your organization's culture.


Discover a candidate's true skill set with our 36 core competencies model. Identify behaviours that fit your company's values, so the new hire fits your culture and enhances your existing team. [Learn More].


Maximizing Potential:


Uncommon CompetenciesTM is more than a way to measure skills. Initially developed as part of our core services in emotional intelligence, culture-building, and hiring, its value has only grown over time. As a result, leaders like you use it to resolve a variety of leadership challenges, including:

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We develop skills and competencies in high-performing teams. Our company has also had issues due to a lack of competency. That is why we are confident that Uncommon CompetenciesTM works - since we were our own first customer.We'd love to share what we've learned with you. Take advantage of our free demo today.