Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Part of The 'Little Red Book Series'.

An Executive Summary on The Psychological Factors That Manufacture Discretionary Effort.

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The Problem


= the amount of an employee's salary spent (above and beyond that salary) in the form of perks and benefits to motivate and engage them.


= the number of employees disengaged globally.


= the waste created by a disengaged employee for every $10,000 in salary they are paid.

In other words, companies spend a 35% premium to keep their people happy, this fails to work on 85% of their people, costing them an extra 34% for their efforts.

If you'd like to disrupt this bad math, you’ll want a copy of this Executive Summary. In it you’ll learn:

Why Establishing Engagement Is Essential

The tangible, positive metrics that improve when engagement is created along with the equally tangible, negative metrics that recede in the face of engagement.

Why Establishing Engagement Is Elusive

The emotional nature of engagement and why things like nap pods and flex days fail at evoking enough emotion to create engagement.

The Organizational Elements of Engagement

How Establishing Purpose within your organization allows your people to 'love your company'.

The Individual Elements of Engagement

How aligning roles with behaviours manufactures more Intrinsic Motivation, allowing your people to 'love their job'.

The Leadership Elements of Engagement

How understanding what true Empowerment is and how to create it allows your people to 'love their boss'.

Download the Executive Summary



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