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Of non-values led organizations suffer annual revenue DECLINE. (Workforce Purpose Index)


Of values-led organizations experience annual revenue GROWTH. (Workforce Purpose Index)


ONLY 37% of leaders feel their core values are effective. (Booz Allen Institute)

Are your values creating enough 'value'? 

Here's how to tell if they may need some work:

You Have More Than Four

Our working memory can only hold 3-4 things at once. If you have too many values, you're making it too hard for your people to actually live them.

No One Can Recite Them

Strong values drive decisions. If your people can't recite them when asked, they're clearly not using them to guide their behaviour.

They Don't Help You Hire 

If your values can't be used to quantifiably separate one candidate from another (hint, most can't), then they need a major upgrade.


Why Core Values Fail

The most common problem with core values however is their lack of contrast. Your values can be pretty words on your website that you think your customers will like or they can be cognitive tools your people use to drive positive behaviour and performance. That choice comes down to the degree to which your values create choice.



Having values is not enough. Your people must decide to live them. 

The part of the brain that makes decisions is influenced by two other parts: the part that feels and the part that thinks.

It is also governed by the law of contrast: we cannot decide anything without feeling as though we've been given a choice.

Without choice we will continue to think about something and we will continue to feel about something, but we will not decide to take action. 



Now picture a choice. Say you had the choice of receiving $50 cash or... a kick in the shin.

Your choice is fairly obvious.

However, that's because there is a clearly good choice and a clearly bad one. When this happens the thinking part of your brain influences the decision.

This is how most organizations drive engagement. Do your job and we'll pay you (good thing) or don't and we'll let you go (bad thing).



The problem is, engagement is the emotional connection your people have with your company. Your values must give people a choice, however it cannot be between good and bad, it must be the choice between good and 'good'.

Picture the choice between $50 cash or your favourite food, or favourite experience or time with your favourite person. Your decision is now emotional and you will therefore be more engaged in the outcome. 

This is why words like 'teamwork' routinely fail as core values. Ask someone in an interview if they believe in teamwork and they can logically see the answer you're seeking. 

You need to know the 'good' things that will lead to bad outcomes.

Functional & Frictional ValuesTM are the only proven way to build values that allow you to test alignment and create engagement. 



The built-in contrast in Functional & Frictional ValuesTM help you measure your culture quantifiably, allowing you to determine who is really on your team.


Functional & Frictional ValuesTM Will Allow You To:

Increase Hiring Accuracy34e5bd45-2548-4ce0-a45b-fc8b058258cf


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Lead With Purposee338cee2-165c-4534-b505-3c6accc70d7a


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