ROE: Return On Engagement

You know there's a cost of neglecting engagement. Here's a breakdown of the costs to fix it. 

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On this page you will find a high-level overview of the various investments you can make in your people. For detailed numbers, and specific ROI, book a free assessment today.

We know we live in the discretionary portion of your budget. We are not payroll. We are not rent. We'll argue however that we are just as essential.


That's because what we unlock is also discretionary...your people's effort. 


That said, we know there are factors that prevent companies of certain ages & stages from taking full advantage of everything we have to offer. Still, we are on a mission to scale empathy across as many companies as we possibly can, and the last thing we want is money to stand in the way of delivering on that mission.


Therefore, we have deliberately built our programming to provide an option for every budget, even the $0.00 ones. Here you will find a summary of those options. The differences between them are a product of four distinct variables:


Budget (Learn More)

As you grow engagement, your profitability will follow.

Organizations with small budgets can use us to grow engagement by investing in some of our lower-fee services.

As their profitability grows and their budget can withstand a larger investment, they can begin to unlock even more of our expertise through new services to help them scale even faster and with less guesswork and feelings of overwhelm.

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People (Learn More)

Engagement is simpler on smaller teams.

As you add people however, you also add collisions. Collisions that require more tailored services to prevent them from creating issues.

The faster a company is adding to their headcount, the more involved we become. Many of our clients have transitioned from "DIY" service models in their infancy to "Done For You" services as they mature. We ensure that adding people does not become a "one-step forward, two-steps back" situation.

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Complexity (Learn More)

Increased complexity requires increased strategic expertise. 

As your company scales, your clients require you to be even more of the domain expertise they are hiring you to be. This limits your ability to also become an expert on getting the most out of your people.

New product launches, new funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions...all of these are examples of situations where adding the expertise of an external culture partner is essential.

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Urgency (Learn More)

Sometimes you can't afford to wait.

You need your people to deliver and they need the tools in order to do it. The faster you need things to happen, the more expertise you need to bring in.

Recent leadership promotions, rapid growth, market disruptions...all of these are examples of situations where time becomes a company's most precious commodity, requiring more external support to keep your people motivated and engaged.

Depending on these variables, companies invest anywhere from $0 to $100,000+ per year on our services. In general however, these costs tend to fall into four general ranges which are outlined below. The only thing that varies between them is the level of support and the speed at which you can expect results. The fundamentals of organizational psychology remain the same across each of them.

The $0 Investment

We've made it possible to implement much of the CultureSmith system for free. Spend enough time on this website, read our blog and follow our LinkedIn page and you will eventually be exposed to every element of our model.


We share our content openly for two reasons. The first is, we are on a mission to help all organizations scale empathy, and are equally committed to providing every servant leader in training the tools and knowledge to help them succeed.


The second reason we share our content so openly is that knowledge is plentiful, it's execution that's rare. We know we are proven executors. We share knowledge in the hopes of getting people excited and showing them what's possible. When leaders lean on us to help them execute, that's when things go from possible to actionable.

So, if you are a proven executor, and your ability to execute can transfer into our domain, then again, we are giving you everything you need to never, ever hire us to help you and we are 1000% good with that based on our mission and purpose.

If you are like most leaders however, and your ability to execute is better used serving your own clients and employees, we would love nothing more than to come in and help you build the type of organization you've always knew was possible.


Those Best Suited For The $0 Investment Include:

Budget = Small

Early stage and solopreneurs who see the value in developing their culture and their leadership, but who currently lack the discretionary funds to invest in them.

People = Few

Smaller teams that can afford the trial and error that comes with self-teaching, given the limited number of people that may be impacted.

Complexity = Low

Self-instruction is best for steady businesses experiencing the normal day-to-day challenges of human interaction with few significant disruptions outside of that.

Urgency = Mild

Leaders & business-owners who are passionate about continuously improving themselves and their businesses, but who don't face any immediate consequences if they don't.

The $3,000 to $15,000 Investment

Organizations that tend to land in the second cost range, are those who are beginning to experience some growing pains that they know they can't tackle on their own.

The most common service delivered here is WorkplaceEQTM which is the standard 5-Step Intake Process we use when onboarding all new clients.


Those not ready for something quite so in-depth will book standalone workshops designed to address whatever their specific needs are.


This tier also includes those clients who use our HireEQTM to help recruit key additions to their team. In fact, many current clients in our more comprehensive service tiers, started their CultureSmith journey after seeing how much more complete an offering HireEQTM is when compared with conventional recruitment firms.


Those Best Suited For The $3,000 to $15,000 Investment Include:

Budget = Growing

Organizations who are still budget conscious yet know the best way to get every dollar to stretch is by creating more engagement in their people.

People = Growing

Organizations who are adding headcount and realizing the impact that a single misaligned person can have on the rest of the team.

Complexity = Moderate

Critical hires, new leaders and early-stage startups trying to gel their initial teams are all examples of problems commonly solved in this tier.

Urgency = Moderate

Organizations who could theoretically do some of this work on their own yet are aware of the opportunity cost that comes with that.

The $15,000 to $60,000 Investment

The third tier is where the overwhelming majority of organizations land. 


These organizations are financially stable however they know in order to stay that way, they need people operating at their best.


The most common basket of services here begins with the WorkplaceEQTM program to establish a baseline of where the organization is at currently with respect to things like trust, accountability, EQ and values alignment. 


Then, ServantEQTM is used to coach leaders on a monthly basis on how to address the specific challenges and opportunities the company is facing. Smaller organizations in this tier often choose to enroll one or two of their leaders in Forge Forums as a more budget-friendly alternative. One or two key hires per year through HireEQTM is also a common occurrence here.


Those Best Suited For The $15,000 to $60,000 Investment Include:

Budget = Flexible

Organizations who see the value in getting the most out of their people and who have the discretionary budget to make the investment. 

People = Teams

Organizations made up of multiple teams, each with multiple members. 

Complexity = Significant

Organizations that are not only facing novel challenges externally, but whose structure has grown complex enough that leaders are no longer able to keep their finger on the pulse of everything they used to.

Urgency = Heightened

The people-related challenges facing the organization are real and the consequences of them going unresovled are being felt acutely. 

The $60,000 to $100,000+ investment

The final cost tier is reserved for organizations who absolutely cannot afford to leave the support of their people to chance. Here we become imbedded within the leadership of organization, operating as a fractional Chief Engagement Officer.


Each client here will have gone through the full WorkplaceEQTM program, all leaders are enrolled in ServantEQTM and all critical hires are being done through HireEQTM.


Leaders have dedicated monthly sessions with us, all employees have access to EQ-based micro-coaching on demand, and organization-wide team-building sessions are happening at least quarterly.


Given the level of commitment required by all parties at this level, we do not accept everyone who expresses interest. Successful enrollees will have completed an Organizational Psychological Safety Assessment and 360 Reviews of each leader. This allows us to provide specific detail on the work needed in order for the organization to thrive. Once presented, those organizations willing to commit to putting in that effort, are granted acceptance to the programs.


Those Best Suited For The $60,000 to $100,000+ Investment Include:

Budget = Dedicated

Organizations that have funds already earmarked for staff and culture development, and can therefore make the level of commitment required. 

People = Enterprise

Fast-growth enterprises and/or organizations with multiple business units / functional leaders who require these business units to be interdependent. 

Complexity = Advanced

Again a key measure of organizations in this tier is the level of interdependence required, which creates highly complex situations from an organizational psychology standpoint.

Urgency = Now

Organizations to which the cost of failure is known and is real. 


The cost ranges above indicate the total spend an organization can expect based on their Budget, People, Complexity and Urgency. The specific prices for each program used within those tiers can be found below:


ROI Calculation

Calculating exact ROI can be as much art as science given that the costs of disengagement don't tend to show up line items on financial statements with the disengaged employee's name next to them. That said, there are three areas routinely measured that give a solid measure of the potential ROI that comes with investing in your people.

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Productivity (Learn More)

  • A Moderately Engaged culture experiences a 17% increase in Productivity vs a Moderately Disengaged one.*

  • For every 5% increase in Productivity an organization can expect to see a 3% increase in Revenue the subsequent year.**

*Source: State of The Global Workplace, Gallup, 2018

**Source: Trends in Global Employee Engagement, Aon Hewitt, 2017


Toxicity / Absenteeism (Learn More)

  • 63% of employees report lost time each year avoiding toxic coworker.*

  • The average number of days lost per worker per year currently sits at 10.0 days **

  • The move from a Moderately Disengaged Employee Base to a Moderately Engaged one results in a 41% decrease in absenteeism.***

*Source: Toxic Workers, HBR

**Source: Statistics Canada

***Source: State of The Global Workplace, Gallup, 2018

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Turnover (Learn More)

  • The average replacement cost of an employee is between 6-9 months of that individual’s salary.*

  • The average turnover rate in Canada currently sits at 16%, the 4th highest globally.**

  • The move from a Moderately Disengaged Employee Base to a Moderately Engaged one results in a 59% decrease in Turnover .***

*Source: Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), 2018

**Source: Canadian HR Reporter, 2018

***Source: State of The Global Workplace, Gallup, 2018

Using the above statistics, the average 25 employee company, with employees earning an average salary of $70,000 per year is carrying an engagement risk of $1.2 million annually.  Supposing this client fell into the high-end of our third cost tier at $60,000 the ROI is significant.

However we routinely deliver situational ROI that more than justifies the investment.

  • We have helped leaders prevent conflict from killing multi-million dollar transactions.
  • We have helped teams embrace conflict that has made their products and services more viable, adding new streams of revenue. 
  • We also rountely enabled people to have better conversations with their families when they get home at the end of a tough day, preventing the greatest costs of all.


The Greatest ROI we offer is peace of mind

There is nothing quite like the confidence of knowing that your people are equipped to deal with any situation.

Book a Free Exploration Call and we will help tailor a plan that fits your budget and your needs.