Engagement is a process.

We just happened to have designed the process to create that process. Learn how we can help you manufacture engagement in as little as 10 days.

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The value of a process is tied to the magnitude of the problem it solves. Our process solves some big problems.

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- Turnover costs represent 12% of pre-tax income for the average company. For companies above the 75th percentile for turnover rate, these costs escalate to 40% of income. (PWC, 2006)

- 87% of employees who leave a job, take with them data they created and 28% take data that others created. (Osterman Research, 2016)



- 80% of non-toxic workers lose productivity when faced with a toxic employee.

- 78% of non-toxic workers feel their own commitment to the company declines when placed in a toxic setting.

- 63% of non-toxic workers have admitted to taking a sick day to avoid contact with a toxic worker. (Harvard Study on Toxicity, 2015)



- 85% of values-led organizations experience annual revenue growth while 42% of non-values-led organizations suffer annual revenue decline. (Workforce Purpose Index, 2016)

- Less than 38% of employees show behaviours aligned with the values of their company. (Officevibe, 2019)

Right now lack of engagement may be costing you:


In Turnover Costs


In Absenteeism


In Lost Productivity

*(Calculations based on a 25 employee company with revenues of $10 mil per year. For exact calculations on your business speak to someone here).

We help you eliminate these costs by guiding you through a three-phase process:

Phase 1: Alignment

Step 1: Functional Values

Step 2: Frictional Values

Step 3: Benchmarking

Phase 2: Attraction

Step 1: Self-Awareness

Step 2: Self-Regulation

Step 3: '3D Empathy'

Phase 3: Activation

Step 1: Servant Leadership

Step 2: Psychological Safety

Step 3: Engagement Audit


Below is a quick summary of the tools and insights this process produces for you.

Alignment: The Uncommon Culture Canvas



Attraction: The User Manual



Activation: The Magic Culture Roadmap



Sounds awesome. How much does it cost?

One thing you'll learn in this training is that from a behavioural standpoint, money is not the only cost that matters. There are four "unconscious costs" that impact all consumers differently, which is why we've detailed "what you'll spend" in all four.









ROE: Return on engagement


As referenced at the top of the page, the average 25 person company carries an engagement risk equivalent to $1,101,522 per year. Using our process, the cost to mitigate that is 0.85% of the total risk. In other words, the 'risk' in having us reduce your risk is virtually non-existent.

However let's compare some conventional alternatives that you may also be considering:







Ongoing Support

Our process is also specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with our various offerings of ongoing support.

Standalone Workshops

Not sure if you’re ready for the full process? Perhaps you're an existing client looking for a refresher? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with the following standalone sessions. Delivered as 90 minute lunch & learns or half-day workshop, any two or more concepts can also be combined into custom full-day facilitations. Pricing ranges from $1,500 to $9,850 depending upon headcount and session duration. Click below for course descriptions. 


The most evidence-based hiring process on the planet. Click here to learn all about HireEQ and how and why we have opted to lead the industry with fees of:



Leadership Coaching

Learn to apply the principles of servant leadership in all aspects of your business. Our ongoing monthly Leadership Coaching programs are tailored to each leader, their followers and the needs of their organization. This program is exclusively for graduates of the above program.

Of course the first step in any process is to get started.

If you search for antonyms of the word 'hard' two of the words you will see are 'easy' and 'simple'.

Building culture is hard and we will never try to convince you that we can make it easy. We can however make it simple.

If simple sounds good to you, we look forward to speaking with you soon.