Leadership Is Not A Trait., A Skill., An Ability. It Is A Process.

And Processes Can Be Taught To Anyone.

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"Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people toward a common goal" - Harvard Business Review

"The most powerful motivator of all is fear." - Psychology Today

Fear has been used by leaders to motivate workers for hundreds of years and that's because for most of those years...it worked.





A Brief History of Fear In The Workplace:

To this day, leaders continue to push employees to 'hit their deliverables' but are left with people too afraid to offer suggestions for improvement and too defensive to come together as a team. 

"Many managers - both consciously and not - still believe in the power of fear to motivate."

Amy C. Edmondson, "The Fearless Organization".



The world has changed. It's Time for your leadership to follow suit.


As the world around us grow more complex, fear will continue to have its effectiveness eroded. Those leaders who cling to it out of familiarity or convenience will quickly find themselves obsolete.

You need a new model. One that offers the same convenience and effectiveness fear once did, without destroying your peoples' engagement in the process.


Introducing servant leadership for the modern leader



As a leader, you are only ever engaged in two types of behaviour: Direction (telling people what to do and how to do it) and Support (meeting their emotional needs as they do it). Your Leadership Style is determined by your preferences in these two behaviours.



While every leader has a preferred style, servant leadership dictates the leader alter their style to meet the needs of their follower so that the follower can in turn meet the needs of the organization. This can become complicated when you realize that the needs of each follower will change based on their level of Mastery to meet the organization's needs versus their Motivation to do so.



Regardless of your natural style, the goal of all leaders should be to become Delegators. 

Delegators are the only leaders with the bandwidth to pop their head up and see what's coming down the pike. The path to delegation is to build Ownership in each of your followers.

Every ounce of Mastery you build in a follower is an ounce of Direction you no longer need to give. Every ounce of Motivation is an ounce of Support you no longer need to give.

We give you the Support and Direction you need to grow your Mastery and Motivation as a leader.

And here's how we do it:




Using our proprietary Values Alignment process we help you uncover the true needs of the organization.


We leverage our WorkplaceEQ System to determine both the conscious and unconscious Mastery and Motivation of each follower to meet those needs. 


The output of steps 1 & 2 provide you with an inventory of the precise Support and precise Direction you need to give each of your followers so your organization's needs are met.


Of course you will have your own level of Mastery and Motivation as a leader to meet your follower's changing needs. We become your Coach, providing you with the precise Support and precise Direction you require.

Learn to delegate. By building owners. Who meet the needs of your organization.


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