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Leading people will never be easy. It can however be made simple. Book your free session today and we'll remove some of the guesswork for you.

You didn't get into business to tread water. You want growth, and you're willing to do what it takes to achieve it.


Standing in your way is the biggest paradox of them all, your people. They can be both your greatest asset and your greatest liability, the source of both innovation and frustration, of compassion and dysfunction.


The world has changed. Leaders must now be as equally adept at managing Behaviours & Emotions as they are Profit & Loss. Work has gone from being highly independent to highly interdependent. Employees at all levels are forced to collaborate 50% more than at any point in history. The collisions created leads to bruised egos, hurt feelings, low engagement and high turnover.


It also leads to an unprecedented opportunity.


You see you are not alone. Your competition faces the same challenges. Their organizations are built from the same people with the same problems.


What will separate the winners from the losers in the coming decade is the ability to solve these challenges at scale. To do this you need a measurable, repeatable, understandable framework.


We are that framework.


Our secret sauce.

Our system works because it is the only one designed to enhance organizational performance across all three stages where engagement is tested most.


Culture Building

Building culture has nothing to do with installing ping pong tables and nap pods. It has everything to do with forging a set of unwavering principles, and then using them to guide how you hire and performance manage your people. We start by helping you understand what separates your Culture from your Climate. (Flip the cards to learn the difference.)



Companies routinely confuse their organizational Culture with their organizational Climate.

Culture is nothing more than the values that separate one group of people from another.

It is the difference between knowing who you can Trust and who you must Tolerate, between who you should Train and who you should Terminate.




Climate is the atmosphere created on a day-to-day basis.

It is a product of how Safe your culture is and how clear you make your Standards. The more Culture is used to inform decisions, the safer top performers feel.

This determines what fuels your people each day: Anxiety or Accountability, Apathy or Apologies?


We enable our clients to build Cultures of Trust and Climates of Accountability. Everything else becomes possible once you have those.


Leadership Development

Harvard Business Review states that 60% of new leaders fail within their first year. They also state that 58% of employees would take advice from a complete stranger over their current boss.  Are modern leaders really that inept? No, they simply haven't been taught how to meet the needs of their people. (Flip the cards to learn how to do this.)


Leadership Styles

When you lead, you are only ever engaged in one of two behaviours: Direction (telling people what to do and how to do it) and Support (meeting their emotional needs as they do it).

The level of Directive vs Supportive behaviour a leader prefers to give determines whether they are naturally a Delegator, Director, Supporter or Coach.



Follower Needs

When you assign a task, each of your followers will have a level of Mastery and a level of Motivation to complete it.

These will determine if the follower is in an Internship, Stewardship, or Apprenticeship, or if you can actually bestow Ownership of that task to them.

Delegators are the only leaders with enough bandwidth to pop their heads up and see what's coming down the pike.


Delegation requires leaders to turn their people into Owners. Every ounce of Motivation developed in a follower is an ounce of Support the leader no longer needs to give. Every ounce of Mastery developed, is an ounce of Direction no longer required.


How Motivated are you as a leader each day? What's your level of Mastery when it comes to meeting each of your follower's needs?


We develop the Motivation and Mastery in leaders to turn them into Owners of their own leadership.


Strategic Recrutiment

80% of all employee turnover is the result of poor hiring decisions. This includes both poor hires you ultimately let go, and good hires who leave when you don't. You need to protect your culture as you scale. That happens when you remove Bias and Noise from your hiring process. (Flip the cards to learn what Bias and Noise are.)



When bias is allowed to impact a decision it is considered an error of judgement.

Bias leads to consistent inaccuracy. An archer who misses in the same place each time is a metaphor for bias.

Workopolis states 52% of hiring managers decide whether to hire a candidate within the first 5 minutes of an interview. 

The rest of the interview is pure confirmation bias, seeking data to make them feel better about their snap decision.




Noise is an error of procedure. Inconsistency in the steps followed create different decisions that should remain identical over time.

Noise leads to random inaccuracy. An archer who misses all over the target due to inconsistent technique is a metaphor for noise.

Most hiring happens under duress. Companies hire quickly to reduce the pain caused by the vacancy. The urgency of need trumps the accuracy of process.




Our knowledge of Behaviours ensures we eliminate your Bias.

Our combined 40+ years in recruitment ensures we eliminate Noise.

Our proprietary ability to measure candidates against your Culture ensures Accuracy.

This is the only way to ensure that every person you add, makes every person you have, that much better.




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