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Forge ForumsTM: Where Leaders Are Built.

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During this one-on-one session we'll leverage our model to help you solve your most challenging workplace issue. Just imagine how much more growth you'll achieve in a room full of your peers using the same system .


The Problem:

The world has changed and leadership development has failed to keep up.

According to recent studies by Harvard Business Review:


of new leaders are failing within their first year.


claim isolation is negatively impacting their performance.


is the number of years the average leader is in a management role before receiving any formal leadership training.


of employees would take advice from a complete stranger over their current boss.

“The most valuable thing Forge Forums gives me is unbiased feedback from trusted sources. I thrive on feedback, and knowing that I have a place to go where the feedback I receive comes from peers who I do not work with, who therefore have no bias other than my own growth and development is amazing. Given the EQ framework we use, trust in my group was able to build rapidly, allowing me to put weight behind the opinions and coaching I received."
Jessica Wiseman, P. Eng.
Senior Manager, Cybersecurity, Consulting and Deals, PwC Canada

The solution:

Forge ForumsTM is the approach to leadership development at the time it's needed most.

For $495.00 per month Forge Members receive:

Monthly Group Sessions

Professionally facilitated monthly meetings with other peer leaders looking to grow their knowledge and skills in the areas of psychological safety, emotional intelligence and servant leadership.

Real-time Leadership Coaching

Between sessions members are supported by unlimited one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with their dedicated CultureSmith facilitator as needed.

EQ On-Demand

Members receive exclusive access to SPIRAL, the web-based emotional intelligence tool historically reserved for CultureSmith Inc. corporate clients.

Feedback & Insights

Members also receive access to the full battery of assessments developed by CultureSmith Inc. These include 360 Reviews, Leadership Style Indexes, Behavioural Profiles and more.

Breakthroughs in organizational psychology over the past decade have verified that leaders are not born, they are built.


Or should we say Forged.


Click the boxes below to learn why Forge ForumsTM is unlike any other leadership development program available.


why change

Why Change

70% of variance in employee engagement scores are directly tied to a person’s relationship with their immediate leader. Change the way you develop leaders and you change your whole team.

why now

Why Now

77% of companies are currently experiencing a leadership gap. With 10,000 baby boomers retiring from the workforce daily across North America this gap is only set to widen.

Why peer coaching

Why Peer Coaching

Leaders have a 95% likelihood of completing a goal if they have a specific accountability appointment booked to discuss it.

Retention rates of soft skills training jump from 5% to 90% when the requirement to teach and coach others is present. Peer coaching accomplishes both.

why culturesmith

Why CultureSmith

CultureSmith is the only organization to synthesize all three theories of Psychological Safety, EQ and Servant Leadership into one holistic model. 

We've helped countless organizations forge their leaders and are now making our process available to individuals.

why forge

Why Forge

Gathering a group of leaders together to share experiences is not a new concept. Giving them access to professional facilitation rooted in evidence-based approaches to emotional intelligence and organizational psychology is.

why invest

Why Invest

The average disengaged employee costs a company $18,974 per year. Forge costs $495 per month. How many employees can one leader influence within your company? The ROI on our program is substantial and grows as you do.

The Forge Advantage:

Not all Executive Forums offer professional facilitation, instead opting for forum members to 'take turns' leading the group. The issues you bring to these sessions are real. Would you not want a professional in the room when it comes time for solutions?


Other groups limit membership on arbitrary metrics like company revenue or ownership status. We've never understood why help becoming a leader needs to be reserved for those who've already made it?


Forge is the only program rooted in validated theories of organizational psychology and the only one with unlimited support between sessions.


As we say, we didn't invent peer support forums, we just made them better.



“Forge Forums gives me the opportunity to unpack tough issues in a safe place, and with a peer group who share similar challenges. Growth and development are prioritized in my company, and having this additional resource helps a better version of me embrace the challenges my role provides me with.”
Millard Matthews
Vice President of Operations, Accurate Screens & Grating

How are sessions run?

Sessions last for 3 hours, once per month, and are hosted live or via Zoom depending upon location. During each session you will experience: 

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1) EQ Check-in:

A proprietary process designed to uncover unconscious issues of EQ preventing you from solving the challenges in front of you.


2) Peer Growth Coaching:

Once grounded, and the collective EQ in the group at its peak, members coach each other through the challenges identified, under the guidance of a CultureSmith facilitator. We are confident in saying this is the only peer coaching format that ensures Safety so that you can leverage your Discomfort into Growth.


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3) Organizational impact

All coaching and feedback will be distilled into practical steps that you can take back to your organization whether that 'organization' is the company you work for or the family waiting for you at home.

“What I appreciate most about Forge is that it's not just a group of leaders getting together to commiserate. We apply a real, shared framework to solve real problems. This creates efficiency given that we don’t need to fumble through trying to diagnose the issues at play, but more importantly it fully unlocks all of the diverse perspectives in the room. I feel the feedback I get is made more relevant and the feedback I give is made more impactful by having this common language at our disposal."
Scott Boston
Corporate Controller, Blackline Safety

Is Forge Right for me?

Anyone seeking growth will benefit from this program. That said, there are a few types of leaders whom we believe Forge ForumsTM is uniquely suited for.



Those Who Have Trust But Lack Safety:


Safety is often confused with Trust. Trust is a feeling if security between two individualsSafety is that feeling scaled across an entire team of people. Many leaders have pockets of Trust in their organizations. Few have the Safety required to achieve peak Growth. Forums become a place where leaders can experience that Safety, while learning how to develop it back at their own organizations. 



Those Seeking Authentic Feedback:


A 2014 Harvard study shows, people not only crave feedback, they specifically crave critical feedback over positive. The problem is, the same study showed most people fear giving feedback. Many people receive token advice from their colleagues, but few receive true feedback. Forge ForumsTM are designed to not only provide feedback, but actionable feedback, delivered by a group of peers. The perspective of other leaders from diverse organizations with diverse backgrounds cannot be undersold.



Those Whose Hearts & Minds Want CultureSmith But Whose Budget May Not: 


As previously mentioned, the cost of the average  disengaged employee is $18,974. Gallup estimates that 85% of employees are disengaged globally. This is why companies routinely hire CultureSmith as we’re able to show them a sizeable ROI on our fees. Forge members get the same access to everything our corporate clients do. The ‘fractional access’ they receive being a member of a group simply allows us to offer ‘fractional pricing’ to match.



Those With Proven Hard Skills Looking To Develop Their Soft Skills:


Leadership represents the transition from Impact to Influence. It is no longer about what you can do, it is about what you can do through others. You've worked hard to establish your technical acumen, but now it's time to build what really matters. the good news is, every hour spent in Forge, qualifies as Verifiable Professional Development Hours for a variety of Professional Designations. Forge is a unique way to maintain your PD by growing your EQ.


Need More Information?




Download the 26 page Forge Forums overview. In it you will learn:

- more about the challenges facing leadership in modern era,

- the science behind the CultureSmith Flywheel model and how we've applied it to the Forge program,

- answers to FAQs, proposed ROI, details on how to get started, and much, much more.


What's Next?

Interested in Forging your Leadership? Follow the steps below to get started:


2) Purchase Membership

After your strategy session you will be sent a registration link for the program. Upon registering you will instantly receive your Behavioural Profile as well as access to SPIRAL, the web-based coaching tool that will connect you to your CultureSmith facilitator for real-time coaching between sessions.


3) Attend A Values Session

We host Values sessions several times per month. During these 60 min online sessions, a CultureSmith facilitator will help you determine your Functional & Frictional ValuesTM which will be used by your forum-mates to aide with accountability and coaching.


4) Forum Placement

Immediately upon registering, the CultureSmith team will work on placing you within the optimum Forum based on everything from Behavioural profiles to industry to tenure to ensure the time spent in session are the best three hours of your month.


5) Tell Your Colleagues

Many companies benefit from having more than one member of their leadership team in a Forum. This allows for each person to gain the individualized support they need, while building a common language and set of skills to benefit the organization.


(Need Help Persuading Your Boss To Support Your Investment In Forge? Check Out Our ‘Convince The Boss' E-mail Template Here)

It doesn't need to be lonely at the top. 

Register today. Your organization, your team and your future self will all thank you for it.