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Engagement Is the emotional connection a person has with their company's values and objectives.


In short, engaged employees are with you for what they give while disengaged are with you for what they get


Is your approach to engagement inadvertently attracting "getters"?


Companies spend, on average, 35% of an employee's salary on non-cash compensation (perks & benefits) in an effort to retain them. (benefitscanada.com)


Despite this, 85% of employees are disengaged globally. (State of the Global Workplace, Gallup)


The bleed created by a disengaged employee is $3,400 for every $10,000 in salary they are paid. (The MacLeod Report, Engaging for Success)

The conventional approach to engagement has companies attempt to buy it in the form of perks & benefits. It also has them spend a 35% premium...to keep people who are not engaged...who cost an additional 34% premium if they stay. It's bad math.

Engagement cannot be bought. It can however be built.



Enter: The WorkplaceEQ System.


If engagement is the emotional connection your people have to your values and objectives, then growing that emotional connection should be priority number one. We accomplish this by teaching everyone in your organization how to grow their emotional intelligence.

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The ability to recognize and understand your biases, motivators and triggers as well as their effect on others.



The ability to control or redirect impulsive influences on your biases, motivators and triggers.


Tactical Empathy

The ability to do something for someone when it is easier (or potentially more satisfying) to do something to them.



The ability to seek the proper extrinsic support and direction to overcome gaps in your intrinsic desire to act.


Social Agility

The ability to manage conflict, build relationships, and influence others in a positive way.



EQ Made Accessible.


Computers with low RAM struggle to work with complex files, requiring you to compress them in order to work with them. Your brain operates the same way. Human interaction is complex. We've taken that complexity and compressed it into a simple framework that you can actually work with.

Your team will go from conflict to cooperation in less than a day, and they will have fun doing it. 




At the heart of the system is our simplified Behavioural Colours Framework. You may have given your people a 'personality test' before. The problem is, the 48 page report they get detailing the nuance of every trait is not practical. To grow EQ, all you need to focus on is what to Protect, how to Direct and what to Respect.




An unfortunate side-effect with conventional assessments is the labelling effect they create. Once the training is delivered, people are now judged based on their behavioural profile, not understood because of it. To disrupt this, we created the concept of 'Game': your emotional Capacity (are you happy?) vs your Consciousness of it (do you know it?).




Of course the biggest impact on your Game are the Players you choose to surround yourself with.

This is why no application of Emotional Intelligence can be considered complete without an understanding of the needs of your Culture.

Those who have the Competence to do their jobs well, and whose behaviours respect the Culture while doing those jobs are not merely in A Game, they are A Players.

There is a science when it comes to measuring one's fit within a Culture, one that is explained in full detail on our Values page

Forging engagement by focusing emotions.


All organizations will benefit from an increase in emotional intelligence. Certain organizations will see that benefit faster.

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