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Your values are not offering value if they fail to do any of these three things:

Functional & Frictional ValuesTM are the only 'core values' that allow for all three to happen, thanks to the evidence-based theories used to build them.


Why Enabling Conflict Matters

Conflict is like cholesterol, you need to decrease the bad kind while also increasing the good kind. That can't happen if your people don't know the difference between the two.


Task Conflict

Defined as any disagreement about the goal or content of the work. Low levels create Mistakes as work is not critiqued. High levels enable Performance as work is continually refined.


Relationship Conflict

Defined as any disagreement about beliefs or ideologies. High levels create Mistrust as people feel personally attacked. Low levels enable Peace as teams feel more cohesive.

Fear of conflict becoming Relationship-based is what prevents teams from having enough of it.

Your organization's Values are your beliefs & ideologies. Making them clear eliminates Relationship conflict as an option. 



Functional & Frictional ValuesTM leverage the science of Social Identity Theory to enable better conflict. 

When belonging to a group creates a part of a person's self-identity, serving the group becomes their primary motivation.

This includes a willingness to have the type of conflict that makes the group better, something that's only possible if they also understand the type of conflict that will make the group weaker.


Why decision-making matters

It's a myth that people live all of their values, all of the time. Values will only predictably guide behaviour if they aid decision-making in stressful situations. 

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Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback can cause someone to grow defensive which harms the group. It can also create more self-awareness, allowing the person to better contribute to the group.

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Providing Feedback

The need to give others feedback can cause someone to grow apprehensive and go silent. It can also bring out their compassion and foster teamwork.

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Responding to Chaos

Acute bouts of chaos can cause someone to grow controlling which triggers others in the group. It can also create curiosity about how to make the group better.

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Responding to Pressure

Acute bouts of pressure can cause people to feel overwhelmed which inspires entitlement. It can also however create focus, which in turn delivers results.

Emotion influences us to react. Choice influences us to consider.

The fatal flaw in most core values, is they do not offer choice. Leaders arrive upon a single set of words and tell people they must embrace them. This strategy fails the second someone is triggered. 



Functional & Frictional ValuesTM leverage the science of In-Groups & Out-Groups to aid decision-making. 

One set of values defines In-Group behaviour; actions that promote solidarity with the group. The other defines Out-Group behaviour; actions the group will struggle to accept.

These contrasting values offer choice, allowing people to realize the impact their short-term impulses will have on long-term outcomes, empowering them to make a better decision in stressful times.


Why hiring for 'fit' is so hard

Engagement is the emotional connection someone has to their company's values and objectives. So why is your hiring process designed to test their rational abilities?

You Need To Know The 'Good' Things That Lead To Bad Outcomes

Ask someone if they believe in teamwork and they will answer yes. That's because saying no is obviously the wrong answer. Ask someone if loyalty is better than cooperation, or if logic is better than adaptability, and they're forced to answer with their beliefs. This is the only way to test if they are aligned with your values, or if they simply know what answers you're looking for in an interview.



Functional & Frictional ValuesTM leverage the science of Emotional Contrast to aid hiring accuracy. 

One set of values represents the non-negotiable behaviours that will ensure your organization is successful. The other will be equally positive sounding behaviours that you know will take you off track.

When faced with these choices, candidates can't tell how they 'should' answer because both answers sound plausible. You'll learn how well-aligned they are with your values which tells you how engaged they'll be, before you even hire them.


Function enables Performance. Friction kills Cohesion. The only way to know which you'll have is to have us build your values. Want to see an example? Check out our very own Functional & Frictional ValuesTM.


Our Values-building process

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing values, or you don't yet have core values, determining the Functional & Frictional ValuesTM that will unlock your culture's full potential can be done in as little a 90 minutes, from the comfort of your chair.

Assemble Your Rockstars

You will first gather your leaders and any other employees that embody what you want your culture to be. We will all gather together, in-person or online, to facilitate the session.

Determine Alignment

Using text-based polling software to ensure anonymity and validity, your team will be asked both how they would respond, and how they would never respond, to specific sets of workplace triggers. Common answers show us your greatest points of alignment.

Assess The Culture

Those points of alignment become your Functional & Frictional ValuesTM. We build a custom online assessment based on your unique benchmark, and assess the rest of your organization against it. You will know in mere days, exactly what areas of your team you must focus on to thrive.

Hire Like A Pro

Your custom online assessment can be converted into a hiring benchmark as part of our HireEQ service. Never again will you need you "hire slow / fire fast". You will now hire better / fire never.


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